Friday, December 28, 2007

On the Move

The baby, Lu2, has figured out how to move. The only direction she has figured out is backwards but that means real soon she will be everywhere. Now I have to watch and make sure the gate is closed and watch for beads and marbles and such. We've never had to worry about that before, the oldest three were all born in within three and a half years so we didn't have those kind of toys during the put everything into the mouth years. I guess too that I have to put her back in her crib at 3:00 am and not sneak her into her bassinet which is still so conveniently parked next to my bed. .

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Can you guess?

Can you guess what my favorite bible verse is???? I ordered this when Sharon had her Uppercase Living party. I love how it looks. (You do not notice the inch of dust on the fan, you do not notice the inch of dust on the fan, you do not notice the inch of dust on the fan;))

5 Minutes of Quiet

A few weeks back Crystal had a post about free wall sized post-its samples. Well it arrived the other day and we put it to good use today. They did a group picture for daddy. And I had about 5 minutes of quiet.

A rare occasion

Here is a very rare picture of me and the baby. I am the one who is always holding the camera. It's great that the kids are old enough to snap a few pic for me and the fact that they are digital means I don't have to worry wasting film. Don't mind the disaster of a living room the background:-)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The girls room revisited

Okay I'm still not crazy about the color selection but it's staying. I used the wall that still needs the second coat and tried a bunch of different painting techniques, color washing, sponging, and stripes. But they just didn't do it for me, everything was so busy. So Monday I headed to Lowe's and found some wallies but the ones I thought would match the best were forty bucks, for that price I might as well repaint and they didn't match Lula's bedding as well as I would like. So the good ole internet to the rescue. I found these and think they will go great if the color is true to the pic and will go well with her bedding. I can get them slightly cheaper on eBay and free shipping. So I figure with these and some white valances we'll be good to go. I either paint the furniture white or I might try to sweet talk the hubby into letting me hunt down a new dresser:-)

I hit three second hand stores this morning in search of some fabric to make the valances. I found one pillow sham that I LOVED but I couldn't find another one, it was white with white butterflies embroidered on it. I did find two matching bathrobes that were the waffle type of fabric but they were 4 bucks a piece so for now I will have to keep my eyes open. We did find her a sweet light bedside lamp, its silver with a crisp white shade. We might add a little girlie fringe to top it off.

Well we've been gone for hours so I better do something around here.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Girls Room

Calm and Serene

It's pretty "Pink" isn't it? I have no idea how I'm going to tone it down so for now it pink. I think it is worse in person too. It does change too depend on the time of day. Sometimes I think it might grow on me the next moment I'm shading my eyes from the Pepto Bismol pink wave you get when you walk in there. Oh well Lula finally has her pink bedroom after having the "boy" color for so long. Any suggestions? Maybe do a wash over it in a pale cream with a yellow hint to pull the furniture in? I don't know so for know I keep the door shut.
Motherhood is the journey out of self-centeredness.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Raspberry Sherbert Anyone?

I painted the girls room and it definitely is "pinky". I have one more wall that needs a second coat but I ran out of paint so I'll have to finish tomorrow after swimming lessons and then I'll be DONE. And is it just me or does everybody else's house totally fall part when working on projects like this? Between school, nursing and the everything else it looks like I haven't cleaned in a week or more!

All the kids are on the verge of getting sick, pink eye is making the rounds. And the girls forgot how to sleep through the night. And just think someday I'll miss these days.

Well hopefully this weekend I can get some pictures of the girls room posted and you can give me ideas on how to tone down the PINK!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Children's Museum

This year the family pass is to the children's museum. The kids think its great. We went today and there was maybe 30 people there, it was wonderful.
And isn't she cute? Next week she'll be six months old already.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Back to normal!

Where oh where does the time go? Last week we took the whole week off of school, and boy it was nice. School only takes us about an hour and a half but if I don't wake up long before the kids it seems by the time school is done most of the productive part of the day is gone. So last week we declared a vacation week. All weekend and Monday I baked for the employee goodie bags. Tuesday we assembled goodie bag for the hubby employees, thanks Sharon and Tina, and then the next day I had to bake again for thanksgiving and clean the house. Thursday was Thanksgiving which was going to be here but two hours prior to dinner got changed to the in-laws. So we carted over the turkey, pies, apple crisp, stuffing, green bean casserole, corn, mashed potatoes and all the other little stuff. So to say the least by Friday I was worthless. I wore sweat pant and a ponytail ALL day (something I try not to do-anymore:)). The hubby was home all day Friday also so it was great.

So now it back in the swing of things.

Racky is starting a Lego class tonight. How cool does this sound?
Using LEGO Educational Division Materials and LEGO® Technic elements, this class is appropriate for children ages 5, 6, and 7-years-old. Children will learn by doing. Course covers gears, levers, wheels, axles, structures, forces, and simple machines. This is an integrated science and math class and is the first class lead­ing up to the Robotics Academy, where children will build robots and program them with a computer!

The three older kids are in swimming lessons which is great. Racky was in swimming lessons once but they were a waste of money, and trust me I am a huge advocate of swimming lessons, he sat on the step and kicked and blew bubbles. This time they are in the water the WHOLE time and the kids to teacher ratio is much higher, I think Lula's class is three teachers and six kids.

Well after about 1 more hour of "leaves" they should be done and life will be "normal" again. Yeah right! Have a wonderful day!

Friday, November 16, 2007

The things they say!

The other day I was teasing Lula and told her she had big biscuits! She said, "I don't have big biscuits you have big biscuits, they cover up the whole toilet seat!"
Well at least she is honest, not too tactful though.

And you know you say home too much when Racky said this:
"mom when can we have a babysitter?"
Really are we that bad that the 6 year old needs a break from the parents.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Burger King is calling my name

Horrible isn't it, the wifey and I are sitting here dreaming of eating a big fat juicy whopper (yes the kids are in bed and we will be splitting one). I am trying to convince the wifey to go while I write this blog, but she is not biting. Not sure if I will go or not still working up the courage after reading the ingredients.


Enriched Unbleached Wheat Flour (Wheat Flour, Malted Barley Flour Or Alpha Amylase From Aspergillus Orizae, Niacin, Iron, Thiamin Mononitrate (Vitamin B1), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Folic Acid, Ascorbic Acid), Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup Or Liquid Sucrose, Yeast, Vegetable Oil (Canola And/Or Soy) Or Soybean And/Or Cottonseed Oil. May Contain 2% Or Less Of The Following: Salt, (Vital) Wheat Gluten, Soy Flour, Corn Starch, Yeast Nutrient (May Contain One Or More Of The Following: Ammonium Sulfate, Monocalcium Phosphate, Calcium Sulfate, Calcium Carbonate) Dough Conditioners (May Contain One Or More Of The Following: Wheat Starch, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Sorbitol, Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Stearate, Distilled Monoglycerides, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, Ascorbic Acid, Azodicarbonamide, Mono- And Diglycerides, Ethoxylated Mono- And Diglycerides, Calcium Peroxide, Calcium Stearoyl-2-Lactylate, Datem, L-Cysteine), Enzymes, Preservatives (Calcium Propionate And/Or Sorbic Acid), Vinegar, Sesame Seeds. Does not contain animal ingredients. Contains: Wheat and Soy.

Ok now that I have seen the meat ingredients (100% USDA inspected Ground Beef (Fire-Grilled) I can talk myself into going down to BK and only slightly poison our bodies. Wifey says the meat is not real but that is not what BK says. At least it does not contain animal ingredients?????? Maybe that is why she thinks the meat is not real.

Anyhow she is begging (JK) me to go to BK so I need to leave you all now.

The infamous hubby that wants a whopper!!!!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pork Day

The next and final day in our rotation diet is pork day. I know it not the world best stuff for you but it sure is tasty! This day is great because we eat the beloved white potato. Me, Lula and Biggie LOVE the white potato. The hubby and Racky not as much as the rest off us. When pork day falls during the week we eat fish, usually perch. Here is the list of what we eat:
Potatoes, mashed, baked, cubed and baked, shredded and fried in olive oil, organic tater tots- just found these and the kids love them.
Potato chips- cooked in a non trans fat olive
Asparagus- kids and myself
Beans- hubby and I
Oats, O's breakfast cereal, oatmeal, granola
Pork roast
deli ham
nitrate free bacon ummmmm!
Oranges if in season
So for dinner tonight the kids are having left over roast out of the freezer and some form of potatoes- probably shredded and cooked in waffle maker with ketchup. The hubby and I will eat something else just not sure right now.

There are some foods that we don't rotate. Rice milk, ketchup- Lula and Biggie put it on everything. Some fruits like pineapple, strawberries and watermelon we just eat it when we have it. Wheat is a treat, about once a week.

That's it, that's what we eat!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Turkey Day!

I thought I might finish the rotation diet series I started here and here.
The next day in our rotation is turkey day. Turkey is the crazy food in our little world. If it isn't "clean" it can and usually does cause nightly bladder spasms in Racky, aka bed wetting. (By clean I mean with out additives and free range not necessarily organic.) He can't tolerate turkey deli meat either must be the solutions that they pump into it. So that leaves cooking the whole bird or ground turkey. So ground turkey it is. I do occasionally buy a "clean" turkey and cook it and freeze in meal size portions for lunches and weekends when I try to be a lazy as possible in the kitchen. So on turkey day the kids get:
rice cakes
apple butter
apple sauce
apple juice or cider
olives, black or green
rice noodles
spaghetti sauce
rice crackers with dip (apple butter)
All or some combination of the above.
I shop the "meat" store once a month that sells local "clean" meat and I try to cook all the turkey on the first turkey day of the month. It comes in frozen one pound chubs so I just drop them in the crock pot and add some water cook until done. They hold their shape so I lift one chub out at a time into a frying pan and brown it a little and crumble it. I then freeze it in one pound or small servings. So every time its turkey day after that (about 6 or 7 times a month) I just pull out some already cooked ground turkey. We all have spaghetti or the hubby and I have taco's. On spaghetti day we have three different kinds of noodles going, rice, wheat and corn. When we have tacos the kid have plain turkey over brown rice with broccoli and applesauce. Easy enough!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Your invited to a pity party!

I'm having a moment.
I love and adore my babies probably more than I should. I want to shield and protect them from all hurt and keep them innocent and pure and healthy. I want them to have a "normal" childhood and a normal life so that they don't end up lying on some shrinks sofa rehashing traumatic moments of their childhood and telling him that their mother is a nut job. But the cold hard facts are that they are not quote on quote "normal". They are allergic to multiple foods and multiple substances that fly freely through the air we all breathe. Then if we throw the religious differences in there they are like aliens from a different planet. I might as well tattoo weirdo on their forehead.
Well as I wash hats, mittens, coat and any other article of clothing that might have hay on it from the party that we were just at were they couldn't eat ANY of the foods safely. (Don't worry we come food in tow.) The beverage was safe but when accidentally drank from the wrong cup of someone who ingested a peanut butter cookie causes a marble sized fluid filled bump on ones lip makes this momma weary some days. I wonder what it would be like to pack the kids in the car and hit a drive thru and show up to a function with a premade, processed type food out of a bag or some just add water mix some days sound so easy. A vacation without air purifiers and allergy free pillows. Not stressing over how they must feel or what is doing to them emotionally because they are so different. Dropping the kids off with out a grocery size bag of food and detailed instructions at grandma and grandpa's house just sounds, whats the word I'm looking for, um easy yes easy. Food and air it's just everywhere. I know raising kids with out allergies is no walk in the park don't get me wrong. But some days on the outside looking in it looks that way.
Well the pity party must end now. I am soooooooooooo thankful for these kids and the wealth of knowledge that I have learned from their "differences". I just had a moment. All is well again, and the dryer has beeped.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cheap Entertainment!

A week or two ago after breaking it to the kids that the little pile of scrap wood they scrounged up wasn't going to build their dream tree house I got to thinking. How could they have a fort with out buying one? Cardboard was the answer! I searched Craigslist and found free cardboard sheets. I used the hubby's truck to pick them up and dropped them in the pole barn. The next day without me telling them what it was for the had built a "fort" and right now I have an "airplane" in the backyard. Yes its messy looking and but as soon as I can't take it anymore and they are sick of "building" we'll either burn it or recycle it. Hours and hours of fun or the about the cost of a gallon of gas- perfect!

Monday, October 15, 2007

You know they are warped when....

Saturday afternoon Lula points to her throat and said it kind of hurt. I told her it was because of too much junk, aka candy. Then she said "yeah it's because I haven't had any vegetables today."
They listen better than I think sometimes.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Yesterday we had our first field trip of the year. We went to a pumpkin farm. The kids had a ball besides the fact that it was freezing and we were under dressed (thanks Aunt Tracy for letting us use the coat.) They got to go on a hay ride, tractor ride and pick a pumpkin and they even got to put on a skit of how pumpkins grow. Here's some picture of our day. Thanks too to Sarah for setting it up for us.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good thing there is Digital Camera's!

It only took 19 shots to get a decent photograph of the four of them. Back in the day that was almost a whole roll of film:0)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Brownie Points!

The kids and I watched "Annie" with Kathy Bates last night. So this morning when they wanted breakfast I jokingly said I was going to change into Miss Hannigan and not feed them any breakfast. Lula told me I couldn't be her because I didn't have clothes like her so I told her I would just buy some. Then Racky chimed in and said she was too big and I was to SKINNY to be her.
He's the best kid in the whole wide world, at least today.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"Safe" Junk food for the Hubby!

These little bad boys are gluten free! No exactly healthy but everybody needs a little junk food once in a while. I just hope he likes them:)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wheat Free Apples Crisp that tastes GOOD!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a 7 x 11 casserole dish line with peeled and sliced apples about two layers thick (about 8 apples). In a bowl mix:
1 1/2 cups rolled oats
1 1/2 cup organic brown sugar
1/2 oat flour
1/4 sweet white sorghum flour
1/4 cup tapioca flour
Sprinkle dry mixture over apples. Then slice up 1 stick of butter in thin pats and even distribute over the top. Bake 35 to 45 minutes or until apples are softened. This was my first wheat free dessert I enjoyed. It had good texture and no weird after taste. I usually cut the sugar in desserts but being the first try I left it as is. Next time I will try 1 to 1 1/4 cup brown sugar. You could use any pie type fruit, peaches, cherries etc. If you used gluten free oats and ground some in a coffee grinder to make oat flour it would be gluten free also. Enjoy!
My Favorite Soup!
Fall and winter mean it's soup season again. My favorite soup is Taco soup. It has the flavor of chili but yet its a soup. I took the recipe from allrecipes and modified it a little, every time I make it it's different. Here is the recipe for my last batch:
1/2 lb. browned ground turkey
2 15 oz. cans of diced tomatoes
1 15 oz can of tomato sauce
1 15 oz can red kidney beans
1 15 oz can of Mexican beans
1 cap full of the Gluten Free Pantry taco seasoning
1/2 cup of chopped onions
3 tbsp. butter
1 cup frozen corn
2 can of water (rinse out tomato cans into soup)
In a stock pot melt butter and saute' onions, I usually add a 4 oz can of green chili's but I was out. Add all the rest of the ingredients and simmer for 1/2 hour to hour. You can add more beans and tomatoes to stretch this meal without effecting the taste. You can use your crock pot too but saute' the onion and chili's if your using them to bring out the flavor first. Serve with corn chips or Frito's. If your not a dairy free house you could top with cheese or sour cream. I'd give it a 10/10, its yummy! (It also freezer well!)

A few tricks to make soup easier and more fun to eat for kids is coffee mugs and straws cut to the proper height for the mugs. Our kids can't have this soup but they eat chicken soup and love coffee mugs, it make a simple meal more fun and the straw makes it less messy.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Kid say the darnest things....

The kids and I are eating some ham and Lula says: Does dad get to eat pigs butt too?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Note to self:

When venturing in to the crunchy world of cloth diapers invest in a diaper pail:0)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Suzy Homemaker

Don't you just love the Suzy homemaker feel. You know the feeling after putting up food for the winter or after you scrubbed the tub until you could see your reflection in it. It's great isn't it? Well add THIS to the mix and you would have the feeling clear through to your bones, except it's too pretty to wear while cleaning or making a mess in the kitchen. I only have one apron and it isn't anything special so I'm definitely going to try for this giveaway.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

the result

Thanks be to God our sweet baby girl is fine. Her spinal ultrasound results showed that everything is normal, she just has a dimple. She is truly a blessing and I thank the Lord for his mercy.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Kid say the darnest things!

The scene: dinner
Lula: Dad can I ask you something?
Dad: Sure what?
Lula: Why were you talking with food in your mouth?
Dad: Um, Um, that not a good thing to do is it.....
They sat the darnest things don't they?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

They're so warped!

Lula always wants to try new foods, cupcakes, cookies, pizza or whatever, but when I make them she never likes them. Her taste buds are just not used to food outside of our little box, she tries so hard even trying it again a few hours later in hopes that it will taste better the second time around. But you know they are really warped when all the kids beg for chewable vitamin C pills like they're candy. Hubby even suggested we take them to church instead of candy. Poor things;)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Wahl died half way through Biggies haircut. Any suggestions on its replacement? I've had it about three years so I can't complain about it. I think I paid 20 or 30 bucks for it so it's paid for itself many time over. It decide to come back on after it sat for a while but I don't trust it now. At least I had all of the sides done and just had the top to go and not a strip of two out of the back of his head:) So frugal momma/ barber what would you buy?

Giddy Up Cowgirl!!!

Maybe I'm a little bias but aren't they the cutest little things you've ever seen? Thanks Gram for the adorable cowgirl booties!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Waiting Again!

Lu2 had an ultrasound done this morning on a dimple on the end of her spine. She did great and didn't fuss or anything. She squirmed a bit but that's to be expected on a 3 month old baby. The tech said everything looked alright when I asked her but she said we'd have to wait on the Dr. to read the test. ACK -I hate waiting especially on something like this. She thought Friday we would hear the results, Friday seems very far away right now. None of the referring Dr's. were too concerned they just wanted to make sure all was okay but as the momma I worry. Well here's to yet another lesson in patience:0)

Monday, September 10, 2007

The weekend

My weekend was pretty busy and flew by quickly. Friday I cooked and prepared food for the kids and hubby because Lu2 and I ventured northward to a winery and out for dinner for a friends 30th birthday on Saturday. It was lots of fun and definitely some place I will go again. I don't think I'd bring a infant with again at least not with out the hubby, I know the girl only about 13 lbs but she gets heavy when she wont really go to anyone else. I don't know if it was 6 hours in a car with another five hours of holding her but my back was killing me on the ride home. Lu2 did great she slept 3 hours there and 3 hours home so I can't complain. Sunday we had church and then I started the grocery store rounds with Lula, I hit 5 stores to get our food because no one carries everything we need because of the allergy thing. We hit 3 of the five and came home. I crashed on the couch for two hours and made dinner and watched a movie. It doesn't sound like much but it seemed pretty stinkin' busy. Well my house tells all- I need to stay home and clean;) Hope you all had a good weekend and happy Monday. (yeah that's a picture of the winery, isn't it gorgeous?)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Smelling Roses...

Today was the first day of school for us. All went well Racky retained much more than I thought he would of. He only forgot a few sight words but quickly picked them up again. This is how our day went:
1. I read the story of Jonah out of "The Child's Story Bible".
2. Reading, he wrote out the alphabet and then he told me the letter sounds, reviewed the sight word flashcard from last year and then he read me four sentences I wrote out. Tomorrow will get back into his workbook.
3.We then took a break, read some books, and ran some errands. They played outside for a while and then played computer games before lunch.
4. We did the first lesson in Saxon 1.
That's it we're done for the day. I decided to split up the day, reading morning and math in the afternoon, because I tend to rush him and tell him to hurry up about a hundred times in the hour and half of school. Why I do this I don't know. I noticed myself telling the kids to hurry all the time, hurry and put your shoes on, hurry up and finish your food, hurry and use the bathroom and get outside, etc. etc. Why am I in a hurry? I have no idea. Kids like to stop and smell the roses when I just want to get on to the next thing. Their roses are different then mine, they are intriguing squished raisin on the floor of the van when I want them to put their buckles on or an amazing matchbox car that they never play with but when I want them to get outside it becomes an object they must study and examine. Well I am actively trying to stop this bad habit and start smelling the roses, or squished raisins, so they don't grow up and feel like I tried to rush their childhood. The little things only add to a few minutes a day so whats the big deal right? Well I better go I have to hurry up and do something:)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Biggie Turned 3!!

It was Biggie's birthday yesterday, he turned three! Already, I can't believe it! I seem like a year ago max that I was waiting and waiting and waiting some more for him. (He was 16 days late.) He's my big boy now! We didn't do much but go to my family reunion up at my aunt and uncles house. They live on a lake and have sea doo's and all the fun stuff. The kids went fishing off the dock and did some swimming. He got a super hero cape I made for him, a electric toothbrush and a Tonka truck- which he loves! We had gotten him a bike off of Craig's list and a fishing pole before our vacation, so he definitely made out like a bandit. We love you big boy!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Splash Pad Fun!

Our evening fun! The best part it was free!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The yearly check up

Racky- 50 lbs. 51 inches- can you say noodle Height in the 90th percentile
Lula- 44 lbs. 46 inches (I think) Height- off the chart, good height to weight ratio
Biggie- 36 lbs. 41 inches height in the 90th percentile and 75th percentile for weight
Lu2- (2.5 months) 12lbs 8 oz. 23 3/4 inches
My guess is Lu2 might be average, but the rest will be pretty tall if they keep this up.

Kids say the darnest things!

I over heard this today after a Bratz commercial.
Biggie: Lula you want that?
Lula: No Bratz are naughty! You know why? Their mommy and daddy don't give them spankings! You know why? 'cause they're mommy and daddy are bratz too.
Not quite how I explained to her the reason that we won't have any Bratz dolls in the house, but pretty close;)

Friday, August 24, 2007

My After Vacation Buddy!
I suppose it's better than finding a stream and beating them on a rock;)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Saga Continues

Vacationing with kids is way too much work but we do it anyway. Memories, right? The first night the hubby drives back home because the air purifier we brought out quit working. If you know Racky an air purifier is a must. The second night I drive back home to pick up some medicine that I forgot because he is getting wheezy despite the air purifier and didn't want to have to drive home in the middle of the night. (I did take a shower when I was there-bliss sweet bliss- hot water.) Thank the Lord he slept through the night and was okay, not great but okay in the morning. So we venture to the fair and all is well. After a while Hubby, Racky and Lula go on the merry go round swing ride. Racky complains of a headache, hubby rubs his head, I give him some cherries and water, he pukes up cherries and water up in the middle of the fair grounds, yummy. He feels much better after the up chucking incident and goes on more rides, but nothing that spins. Now our van is full of cheap fair prizes that I'll have to sneak into the goodwill box over the next six months, thanks daddy. So tell me do you tell them you got rid of their stuff, play stupid when they ask were that beloved toy that they never ever played with went or change the subject as quickly as possible? Well I better log off and try to get some sleep even though there is a bar wedged between my shoulder blades on this cheap hide a bed. Well here's to making memories.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away!

We're braving the great outdoors, okay not really but we only had outside activities planned on our little "camping" vacation here. We're in a trailer with four kids and two adults and a typhoon decides to roll through last night and still hasn't really quit yet. It's loud on a metal roof let me tell you. I've been up since 5:45 when the kids started to climb in our not very comfy hide-a-bed because the typhoon also woke them. By 7:00 they are all up a are surfing the unfamiliar cable channels for some toons. Now I remember why we never camp in a tent anymore. Lula also know as "Pigpen" has gone through her 3 pair of pants that I brought for her in less than 24 hours and nothing is drying in this weather. Now I can say I'm glad that daddy packed the XBOX, one nice thing about being married to a electronic toy junky. I know its a rough life "camping" with Internet access, air purifiers cranking and cable but somebodies got do it. Anybody have a need for a tent because I think I have one for sale. This kind of camping is bad enough, maybe when the kids grow up will break out the tent again HA yeah right. It's not all bad though daddy took the boys on a late night golf cart ride in the rain after mom had them all tucked in bed. We also found the indoor pool so they got out some pent up energy. Racky getting pretty good at swimming but he has to really work because he can't float, lack of body fat. Well hopefully it quits raining so we can get out of this trailer. Hope you all have a good week!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Frugal Friday

My tip today is about swim diapers. I know they have washable swim pants for babies but some place like hotels, public pools and water parks require disposable swim pants. The daddy of this house also requires them. I reuse and even wash the disposable swim diapers. I simply wring out all excess water and turn them inside out and hang them too dry. I accidentally washed a couple and air dried them and they worked great. I have found they work for about 4 to 5 times before I pitch them that means 4 or 5 less packages I have to buy.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More Changes!!!!!!!!!

The hubby's allergy result's are in. The verdict- NOT GOOD! For at least three months he cannot have bananas, peanuts, soy, rice and here's the kicker GLUTEN! Peanuts is easy to avoid but kind of stinks because he's allergic to all other nuts too. Bananas no big deal. Soy was already being avoids. But rice and gluten are the worst. If you can't eat gluten you eat rice and vice versa, but no both showed up so corn and potatoes here we come. He's allergic to dairy also which we knew but when you look up gluten free recipes they all contain something else he's sensitive too like rice or dairy. Well Lord willing this helps him to feel better and I'll probably lose a pound or two. He hasn't been tested in since January 2006 so this was way over due seeings how allergies can change. If you have any great food ideas let me know especially thing for lunches and such. Dinner should be okay but portable food is going to be harder. Well I'm off to Google more gluten, rice, soy, peanut and banana free foods. (Note to self buy a bottle of wine, no make that two :0))

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What's a Girl To Do?

The pooch is not going away! The scale has not moved in the last six or more weeks-ack! I knew turning thirty would be bad. So I broke, actually crumbled and went to the mall and spend money that was set aside for bills and vacation! I spent 75 bucks in one hour, which for me is a ton. My whole maternity budget was 100 dollars and I stuck to that. I got two pair of wam up pants, 1 pair of jeans, 1 shirt and a nursing bra. I still don't have much to wear but its better than it was. Well now I must jump back on the frugal wagon and hold on tight. I wonder how hubby and I survived when we first got married- oh yeah that's right we didn't have kids or allergies.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Happy Anniversary Baby!!!

I love growing old with you!
10 Years can you believe it!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I have totally slacked in the photo department. Since we got a digital camera, almost 4 years ago, I have only printed out about 20 pictures. So yesterday I started the painstaking task of moving them all to my Shutterfly account and cropping and fixing the red eyes. I move some 325 pictures or so and still have a long, long way to go. I ran up and down the stairs way to many times. I'm making folder for each kid and put all their photos in it so some of the pics will be over there three or four times just in different folders. I still have the oldest 2 kids to do, they have the most pics so I'll have to do one kid a day. It's kind of funny how the number of pictures goes down each year. I only have a hand full of pictures of Biggie from four months to a year, oops. This is one of my favorite pictures of Biggie.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Here is a few pictures of our life lately. Saturday night had picnic in the park. The kids weren't interested in the food they wanted to play and walk the trails. The hubby let them walk across a fallen log over the creek, they thought it was great. The kids had to have the whole picnic experience and sit on the ground, we opted for the picnic table.

My sweet family!!!!!!!

Snow in July!!!! I froze some this winter, next year I'll try to freeze more, they had a ball!

And here is the baby- isn't she beautiful!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hubby's Endoscopy Result

The hubby had a biopsy when they did the endoscopy and was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis. It pretty much means that all the allergies he has is causing his esophagus to constrict making swallowing difficult. Even environmental allergies can cause this. They stretched his throat and sent us a Rx. He hasn't decide if he'll use the Rx yet. We had the result sent to the Doc also and he called with a natural treatment so we'll see how that goes. I think its kind of odd that they wouldn't suggest trying to find out the cause and trying to avoid the offender, that only makes sense to me, why just put a "band aid" on the problem get rid of the problem. He is planning to redo his food sensitivities and environmental allergies with the Doc if he ever finds the time. So hopefully that will help him out. I very thankful for the technology to find these things out and help to resolve some of the issues. It is amazing what they can do. Maybe he'll he doing well enough to take me out next week for our ten year anniversary.

Beef / Venison Day!

My least favorite of all the days is beef/ venison day. It used to be just beef day until Racky became very sensitive to it. It's been over 6 months since he has had beef. Good thing I have brothers who hunt. We eat fish on this night if it falls during the work week.

Breakfast: Either puffies of fruit juice sweetened corn flakes with rice milk.

Snacks: Corn chips with guacamole, plain popcorn, corn flakes, peaches, blueberry and papaya.

Lunch: Corn chips and guacamole, corn flakes, cooked venison from freezer, peaches, blueberries, venison and ketchup.

Dinner: Sweet potatoes, corn, venison steaks or salmon, venison burgers on rice bread, then we have beef burgers, pickles and ketchup. Fruit again.

We freezer blueberries for the winter and again I can a lot of peaches, at least they're easier than pears.

Dinner tonight is venison steaks and corn, rice bread and fruit. Hubby has golf so I'll scrounge something up for myself.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Chicken Day

I thought I'd write what eat eat over here in allergyville. We do a four day rotation diet, chicken, beef, turkey and pork. We started this diet when Racky was 2 1/2 I believe. He had shown up allergic to beef, chicken and turkey so the Doc said to rotate them so he doesn't be come overly sensitive to the point that he wouldn't be able to eat them. The only food they eat daily is rice and lots of it. Now I am so used to it but is was an adjustment. No leftover's for lunch the next day, no Saturday night burger night or anything like that. The biggest was not just eating what is in the house or on sale, it has to be on the schedule. The food budget just went up. So on to chicken day-

The kids eat "puffies" (aka rice puff cereal) with rice milk. Racky loves puffies, Biggie will eat them, Lula hates them. They all have a protein replacement drink 3 to 4 times a day which is made out of rice. If its hard to digest, like most protein, they become or already are allergic to it.

Lunch is already cooked chicken of some sort that I pull out of the freezer. Spelt pretzels, pears, cherries, bananas and carrots.

Snacks are protien replacements, spelt pretzels, pears, cherries, bananas and carrots and peppers.

Dinner is chicken, either baked, grilled, fried with spelt flour or in chicken soup.
Carrots or cauliflower.
Rice or rice bread.
Cherries, pears, or bananas.

Do you see the trend, they eat the same stuff all day long. I can enough pears to last the year, 94 jars, ack, I hate canning pears all that peeling. They eat dried cherries in the winter. At 5 bucks a pound, 15 bucks if organic, they are nicknamed gold nuggets. (We don't usually buy organic cherries for obvious reasons.)

Well dinner tonight is grilled chicken, I use barbacue sauce on the hubby and mine and the kids is plain. The hubby is allergic to cauilflower so we will have carrots. We'll have wheat bread and the kids will have rice bread. Then any leftover fruit from earlier in the day, because we can't eat it tomorrow.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Our Week!

Our week was pretty busy around here. Monday through Wednesday the kids were sick. Racky manage to puke in the car twice in one day, yummy. Thursday afternoon I went down to the freezer to get meat for dinner and found the freeze open and stuff thawing. Lovely! So after chucking about fifty bucks in food out, I got to spend today cooking meat that had started to thaw. Well at least my chicken stash is replenished and I have a huge batch of soup for the hubby's lunches. The hubby has also been gone working the past two nights. Yuck. It's Friday night, he shouldn't be working, well at least that means no golf tomorrow morning:0) Well Lu2 and I are going to park ourselves in the chair and read our book again then hit the hay. Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Not much going on around here finally. Last week was pretty crazy to say the least. Monday was my birthday, a trip to the dentist, and the hubby had an over night job that night too. Wednesday was the fourth and the four kids and I went in the parade with grandpa in the big truck and to a get together in the evening. Thursday I baked for the work party. Friday was the work party and the final running around like an chicken with its head chopped off. Saturday I crashed after I picked the kids up from the in laws. Yesterday the hubby had an endoscopy procedure done. That went well, he was quite the funny man when he woke up, they give you some pretty potent drugs that's for sure. So now its time to try to get life back of some sort of routine. The baby, nicknamed Lu2 by her father, is over a month already. So no more excuses about the disaster of a house and undone projects, aka unstained deck. The school year will be here soon and I still don't have a plan of action for that either. Well I better scoot and start catching up. Have a wonderful day.

Monday, July 2, 2007


My wonderful wife finally hit the big 30
I’m guess I’m a little bit of a copycat so I will attempt to share (you guessed it) 30 things about her that make her the best wife a man could want. These are not necessarily in order.

1. She loves the LORD - Definitely #1
2. She puts up with me
3. She is a wonderful Mommy
4. She always makes sure I’m fed
5. She mixes and concocts for the kids and me all day long
6. She doesn’t give me too much grief about golfing
7. She only has eyes for me
8. She is happy reading a book if I’m watching football
9. She does not spend all day gossiping or watching soaps – She keeps house and home
10. She hooks me up
11. She doesn’t grip about making special food for the kids and me even though she can eat anything she wants
12. She is smart – I like that in a woman
13. She is ok with me being chauvinist
14. She likes to spend time with the kids even after a long day with them
15. She is sooooooooo sexy
16. She can be quite funny herself, and even thinks I am occasionally

17. Not that she ever does anything wrong, but she apologizes if she does
18. She is home schooling our children and that takes a lot of patience
19. She even likes the in-laws, most of the time
20. She is very respectful
21. She is Honest
22. She respects my authority
23. She loves me – chicken legs and all
24. She doesn’t spend our money frivously
25. She is not into women’s lib
26. She reads books on how to be a good mother & wife
27. Did I mention she is sooooooooo sexy – Yes she has brown hair and blue eyes
28. She never has a headache
29. She has our babies at home with no drugs
30. She doesn’t get mad at me if I don’t buy her presents - Sorry babe

Your loving husband Isaac

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Big 3-0!

They got me! The hubby and girls threw me a surprise 30th birthday party. I was shocked to say the least. I never in a million years thought that I would have a party, I'm pretty out of the loop. They went with a punk rock theme, even though I was never quite that bad:) I was planning on a date with hubby and nothing else. It was very odd in a way, I am one who tries not to draw attention to myself especially in a large group but yet it was nice to feel the "love". So thanks you every so much for those of you that planned and plotted this occasion. (One thing if this ever happens again please make sure the hubby gets me to shower prior to the event :o)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Kids do the darnest things!

The other day I went into the kids bedroom to wake up Biggie from his nap. I found one of his legs covered with an assortment of furniture pads, the things you put on bottom of chairs when you have hard wood floors so they don't scratch the floor. I believe there were 16 in all and let me tell you those things REALLY stick. He had just been reprimanded for tearing books before he went to sleep so I guess he need something new to get into. We tried to so soak them off, that was unsuccessful. We had to resort to bribery, we'll give you a balloon if daddy gets to pull one off and plain sneakiness. Every time he went by the hubby another one was pulled off. The poor kid I don't think he'll be doing that anytime soon. We had to get them off because they hurt him when he moved his leg otherwise he could of looked crazy for a few days.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

She's Here!!!!!!!!!!!

My sweet little girl made her arrival last Wednesday June 6, 2007. She so far is my best baby. Last night she only got up once! Labor was slow and long. Not quite what I'm used to. Tuesday morning I lost my mucus plug and had contractions as long as I was moving and doing stuff. I thought for sure she would of been born that day. I was home alone with sick kids so I tried to take it easy and get as much rest as possible. I talked to the midwife around 5:30 PM and told her I thought tonight was the night. She called another overdue lady and told her not to drink castrol oil as she had planned so she wouldn't have two of us in labor at once. The hubby finally can home around 7:00 and we ate and got the kids in bed by 8:30. I thought for sure things would pick up and she would be born around ten. The last one came that quickly. Well at 11:30 or so we called the midwife to come over. The contractions would come and go and the intensity would vary from drastically. Some contractions were only 15 seconds and pretty wimpy. They would come 6 minutes apart or 3 minutes. They would spread out even more if I quit moving and changing positions. At 1 o'clock she check me to make sure this was real labor and these wimpy contractions were doing something. I was dilated to 6, but my cervix still had to move forward and I still had to efface some more also. I was frustrated. Why was I going so slow. The hubby napped for about an hour and half. I tried laying down for a while but I wanted it done so I tried to keep moving. I talked with the midwife for about an hour then took a bath while he slept. She drained some of the now cold water that was in the pool and out fresh warm water in. I woke the hubby up at 3:00. I got in the pool around 3:15. She checked me around 3:25 and I had an anterior lip that she held out of the way as I pushed. I did the usual begging for an ambulance and drugs. I said I couldn't and wouldn't push because I hate that part. The hubby and midwife kept saying baby down, baby out until I wanted to scream. I chewed on a towel and yelled into it as I pushed to try not to wake the kids. Finally after 25 minutes of pushing she was out. When her head came out I freaked like I usually do and started screaming to pull it out. One more push and it was over. Finally. She's perfect. She's beautiful. She weighed 8 lbs. 8 oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long.

A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world. John 16:21

Monday, June 4, 2007

The Daily News!

We're sick!!! Isn't it summer? They're not supposed to get sick in the summer. Lula had a fever last Friday and I thought just maybe the others would not get it, but no they must share everything that you don't want them to like virus and flu bugs. Biggie had a fever of 103 last night, not the highest but enough that I hauled the four of us off to the Dr's office this morning to find out what is going on. I thought Racky was okay for it being allergy season but she, not the regular Doc, was very concerned with the sound of his lungs along with Biggies so we have to go back later this week to be check out again. Can't they see that I need to relax and get a full nights sleep so I can have this baby? I got adjusted while I was there is hopes that it might help kick start labor but its wishful thinking I'm sure.
In the baby news I think I've read every birth story on the Internet. I have way too many Braxton hicks which keep tormenting the pregnant brain. When I do have a few that I have to breath through I start freaking out because it reminds me how and where it has to come out. I keep trying to tell myself that this is most likely the last time and that I want it to be one of those magical and peaceful births. HA like that is going to happen. I just pray I don't scare the kids and cause them permanent scarring. Every night I make sure the laundry is caught up and house is clean just in case but it doesn't seem to be helping any. I try to nap daily just in case I might be up all night, still nothing. I do declare I hate being taught patience. Did I mention before big babies run in the family. Grandma have a couple 11+ pound babies. My mom had seven kids 9 lbs. 6 oz to 12 lbs. 1 oz. May I should try starving it out. Ha, Ha, Ha. Not going to happen. Well I better go finish washing the bedding one last time before the baby comes, HOPEFULLY.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Cheap Summer Movies!

Here's a heads up on Cinemarks Summer Movie Clubhouse! I went to one last year and it was packed but it was also cheap so go early. I don't know how many we'll make it to this year with the new baby but it's nice on those rain days or "we're bored" days. Christian Spotlight on Entertainment is a nice way to check a movie out before you spend your money. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's Over!

The long crazy weekend is finally over. The Brad's open house went well. My mother had four times too much pop and twice as much food as she needed but other than that it went off with out a hitch. We made it to my cousins wedding on Saturday and the hubby got to meet Steve McNair and see his family. It helped him get over how irritated he was that the wedding and reception were 2 and 1/2 hours a part, how rude. It's funny how now that I'm married I think weddings are so overrated. Sunday we did nothing which was nice and Monday we made an appearance at the family thing. Lula broke out in hives Sunday night and itched all over until about 5 in the morning, it made for a very long night. The hubby was sweet and took over at 1:30 because I was so tired. Now I just have to sit and wait until this weekend so I can have the baby. The hubby said he's too busy to miss work so it has to be on the weekend. We'll just have to see if the baby thinks this is a good plan. I have a midwife appointment today so we'll see what she has to say. I was so hoping I wouldn't make it to today so I didn't have to weigh in. People are nicely informing me that they can tell I'm ready by the looks of my face. Yes I know its swelling, I don't need to be told. Well I better get caught back up on the laundry.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

They've Started!

The "did you have the baby yet?" phone calls. I know people get curious and I too ask about others when they are getting close but I try not to call just to ask. This time it was a Grandma, come on like she wouldn't find out, have we ever forgot to tell them? Last night I had a complete stranger tell me that I would be having a baby really soon. Ya think? I am as big as a house and can hardly walk properly.
In other news Lula has finally stopped asking "can I ask you something?" before everything she says, she now says "do you know something?" and rambles on. She says "actually" all the time and out of context. She got princess sandals this morning and will not remove them, she is all girl let me tell ya. She also is petrified of bugs, bees to mosquitoes she can't help but run and scream at the sight of one.
Biggie is a crab lately, worse if he has no nap. His new thing is whenever I tell him do do something he informs me that he did that "yesterday". Like "wash hands yesterday", "change buns yesterday" to "ate lunch yesterday". It's quite cute.
Racky is asked constantly why he's not in school, why couldn't he be short? We had it this morning in the shoe store. The lady proceed to ask if you teach preschool at home? I nicely joke about kids not learning anything in preschool and that its not necessary and a waste. She then tells me she works at a preschool- oops. Open mouth insert foot.
Well I better do something today, have a good one.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What was he thinking?

The former owners of our house are stopping by later to pick up a package that was delivered here by accident. The hubby said they could stop by, I would of dropped it off to them just so they wouldn't have to come over. These people were meticulous to say the least. This house was so very very clean when we moved in. The day we got the keys from them I threw a half chewed cucumber from Racky in the sink because there was no other place to put it and the guy immediately cleaned the sink out. They mowed the lawn every three day and had two riding lawn mowers one did the back the other the front according to the neighbors. And they are stopping over, and I know the hubby he'll invite them in to see the place. I don't know why I care but I do, so I must for go my daily nap and CLEAN. Yes I know they were in there fifties, with no kids living here and both worked full time so the house wasn't lived in like it is know but I can help but think that they'll think I'm a total slacker if I don't clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pregnancy update!

I lost 3 fundal height centimeters at my last visit. Why you ask? Because this sweet bundle of joy keeps pushing its way downward and as she says giving it more room to grow. The midwife said she wouldn't say its head is engaged but it is very very low. I have never had this with any of my kids, well not this early anyway. I had it with Biggie but I was walking around at 4 plus centimeters dilated 15 days late. She also wants me to up my water intake to a gallon a day. The bladder is already working at about half size were is a gallon of water going to fit. I have to remind myself that I don't have to pee yet again and do a few kegels and wait a while. And lastly she said she'd see me in two weeks, not one but two! Not that I want to go every week but I want to know the end is near, and weekly visits are at the end. Well I suppose I should already know they come when there ready, not when I'm ready. I don't much care for being taught patience;)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm Selfish

I don't want this to be the last time I waddle around like this. I know it's crazy, I'm eight and a half months I should be swearing that I'll never do this again. I unpacked baby clothes and can't imagine parting with them after the birth of this baby. To give away the baby gear and not store it for the next little blessing. The logical side and emotional side of my brain is feuding over this. Lots of women I know say you just know when your done , what if you don't "know." Maybe it's just the hormones. I can kind of understand the hubby decision, I'm not the one to have to live with 30 to 40 plus food sensitivities and have my body hyper react to every little thing that it comes in contact with. But right know I'm just thinking about myself, this being the last baby to nurse and cuddle and hold. Well I better enjoy the belly and rub it lots in the next few weeks. (The hubby better enjoy the strange foreign objects a little higher than the belly because those too will vanish and sag.) So as my legs throb and swell and I ache and as somebody plays soccer with my internal organs I pray I enjoy every minute of this amazing miracle as so many woman would love to be in my shoes.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Just sittin' back and waiting!

I think everything I wanted to get done before the baby and open house are done. With the exception of staining the deck, but I stained this deck once before and it takes FOREVER, so it just gonna have to wait. I was contemplating painting a few rooms but I lost the urge. I the week before will be a last minute scramble to reclean everything like the garage and barn but the big stuff is done.
I ended up mowing the lawn yesterday, my little bro is just not anal enough for my liking, maybe its just the hormones but the lawn was driving me nuts. What he can do in an hour takes me two. Well he is shipping off to the Navy in June so I'll have to find myself a new and more particular lawn boy.
The hubby is taking me out tonight before I "pop" as he says. We have a gift certificate that's 6 months old we better use up or it will never get used. And after tonight I plan on taking it easy. The last weekend in May and first week in June are going to be crazy. Brad's open house, two family gatherings and two weddings. And I might squeeze in the birth of a new little one in there. Well here's to sitting with my swelling feet up sippin' lemonade for the next few weeks. I still am not miserable enough for it to be time for this baby yet. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Birth of Biggie

If I recall correctly his pregnancy was my worst. I felt nausea's about 90% of the time. I would have a few hours in the afternoon when it was okay but otherwise I felt kinda crummy. Not vomiting sick just queasy. Lula's pregnancy was the same way but Racky still napped then and I wasn't on a strict no dairy, soy or nut diet which made getting enough protein easier which helped the energy level. Racky also jumped on my lower back when I was just four months along which made my hip go out and I caused me grief the rest of the pregnancy. He was a surprise blessing to say the least. I didn't believe the test and just threw it away. I ended up taking 6 test that day and all showed a faint second pink line. The hubby didn't believe me still after that. I ended up giving up nursing Lula because I just couldn't keep up with her and the diet restrictions of her allergies. And come to find out I would be due only 10 days after my sister-in-law. After I gave up nursing I gain ten pounds the first month I was rather slim at the time. The doctor then recommended I go back on the same diet I was on while nursing to possibly prevent the allergies from happening to this baby. It did work to some extent, he is not as reactive and he didn't have the colicky issues the other two had.
Well when the midwife saw how slim I was she told me to be ready to go early, underweight people have this tendency she said. She guessed I would go three weeks early. What does she know? The sister-in-law had her baby on her due date, how irritated was I? My due date came and went. My cousins wedding that I thought I would for sure miss came and went. My aunt who works in an OB office said I looked ready about two and half weeks before he was born. The midwife stopped scheduling my next appointment but would say "see you this week." Two Tuesdays in a row I called to schedule an appointment. My mother who drives school bus went back to work. It was the end off August. My mother is in panic mode, reminding me how big babies can get, I was 10 lbs, 12 oz. and one of my brother was 12 lbs, 1oz. At my final appoint the midwife agrees to check me, I'm dilated to 4 and easily stretch to 5. No wonder why I can't sit properly. She does sometime that started labor. I ordered Chinese on the way home, while going in to get it I knew tonight was the night, I gripped both kids hands as I wait for the food and have a real live contraction. At home I make the kids some food and waited for the hubby to come inside, he's in his truck talking with his bro. I don't want to say I'm in labor. I go inside and call his phone and again ask him when he's coming in because I am in labor and need some help with the children. Racky was 3.5 years old and Lula was 20 months old. We had a message from the in laws that they were going to stop over with a part for my mom's air purifier. When they got here we asked if they could take the kids home with them. The hubby and father in law are trying to fix the air purifier while I scramble to get the kids ready and explain the food/ protein shake protocol to my mother in law. I can't talk or stand during contractions. I had to keep leaning over the counter and quietly moan during them. The mother in law can see that they need to leave so I can have the baby, the guys keep working. Finally they leave.
Labor slows down drastically, the hubby fills the pool half way with hot water and at about 9:30/10 goes to bed. Labor has completely stopped now. I'm devastated. I say I'm saying up to walk this baby out. Around 11:15 I decide to go to bed. After I get in bed transition hits. It's one contraction after another, I can't speak but the hubby wakes up to me moaning quite loudly now and says he's calling the midwife, it's around 11:30. He finishes filling the pool and I get in. Around midnight she arrives. She told me later that she knew she didn't miss the birth when she stepped out of the car, I'm that loud. She checks me and says I can push, I never have the urge to push I need to be told. I ask her to break my water so there is 'less" to push out. She does. After a little less than 25 mins of pushing he is out. I didn't even want to hold him the first few seconds. She had to force me to hold him. When I did hold him I was so tired that I could hardly keep him up and out of the water. I was the one to get to announce that he was a boy. I had myself convinced he was a girl the last month. Hubby took him while I got cleaned up and settled into bed. He then disappeared for an hour, he had the pool in the garbage by 2 am. He also emailed pics to a bunch of people before 3 am. He was 9 lbs. 10 oz. and 23 1/2 inches long born 16 long days late. God is good.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Pics Finally!

I am the worst at getting the pictures off the camera, lets no even talk about printing them. (I haven't ever printed our digital pics, how terrible is that. We've have a digital camera for over four years.) Oh well here is a few highlights of our last month.

Here is the kids enjoying some juice. When I can peaches or pears I put apple juice over them so they can be sugar cane free. I love to make them share it its so darn cute. Yes Racky is in there somewhere.

My sweet little Lula at the zoo that month.

My little helpers, helping mom make applesauce.

Biggie and Lula "helping".
Our trip to the "big" zoo yesterday. It was great, the kids were wonderful unlike today;) I'm glad I didn't go any later in this pregnancy because I was a pile of mush by the time we got home. I crashed on the couch and let them watch cartoons when we got home, I was done for.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Modesty Survey

If you haven't checked this out yet you should. It is quite eye opening what guys will say when they can answer questions anonymously, they are very honest.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


It's started, nesting that is. I keep ripping up my house so I can "deep" clean. First it was the office. Then it was the kids drawers, purged and reorganized to make room for the new babe. Today was wall washing and filling dings so I can touch up some spots. This made me notice the woodwork needs some lovin' so I have to polish that all up. I also have been baking more too, shortcake, bagels and sweet potato bread. Yesterday afternoon I could hardly move off the couch I was so tired. Today the energy is back so I better take it while it's here. Well at least the rainy weather isn't pulling me to my huge to do list that needs doing outside. Oh yeah my birth kit came via UPS which means the clock is a tickin' to get everything done. Well I have to go dig up some paint to get the walls touched up. Have a good day.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Good Read

Love & Respect by Emerson Eggerichs is a must read. I would rate it a 4 out of 5 stars. I would of rated it 5 stars if he would of used the KJV. In a world that preaches that "love will conquer all" this book was refreshing and real. This book is a realistic handbook that breaks down how God created a marriage to work and thrive. Men need respect, women need love. I wouldn't say it was the most exciting of reads but it was definitally worth while to any marriage good or bad. Any marriage can stand for improvement, right? If you do read it don't skip the last couple of chapters they are the best and hold the most truth. Here is my favorite line from the book: IN THE ULTIMATE SENSE, YOUR MARRIAGE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR SPOUSE, IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO JESUS CHRIST. How true this is. If I as a wife disrespect my husband I am sinning against God and not trusting in him and his word. I feel for most couples that marry these days because they are not beening taught how to have a biblical marriage. With a 50% divorce rate the world has it wrong on what a marraige is supposed to be and how to have it endure the test of time. So while your at your computer go reserve it on online at your local library, it will be worth your time.

Monday, April 23, 2007


Today is a baking day. I personally do not like to bake but I do like to eat so a have to endure every once in a while. I made a triple batch of morning glory muffins to replenish my freezer supply. They turn out different every time, I'm not good at sticking to a recipe. They call for 3 eggs per batch but I figured that was way too many so I did 6 total. Almost 4 cups of sugar, nope I did 2. I didn't want to use up all my cinnamon so I experimented with some different things like allspice and pumpkin pie spice mix. I also cut down on the oil and used all whole wheat flour, plus I used zucchini and summer squash in addition to the carrots. They are actually pretty healthy, they have coconut, raisins, apples, carrots, zucchini, summer squash and flax seeds to replace the nuts. They taste pretty good too, I already had three and I only got finished with then 2 hours ago.
Right know I'm waiting on the bread machine to finish the dough to try my hand at bagel making. Hopefully they turn out okay. I did add some whole wheat so we'll see. Dinner is barbecued chicken on the grill so I don't have more of a mess to clean up. The worst part of baking in the mess. Well have a wonderful day!
Edit: Bagels turned out awesome! I made them plain with no egg wash, I just used a little oil on top. Delicious. Pretty they were not, awkward shaped and they flattened out a bit but yummy all the same. I am envisioning them toasted with tuna, lettuce and tomato. Also made into mini pizza's would be tasty. I brought one to the hubby while he was at work, it was all warm yet, and he asked me twice if I really made them. They were that good.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tis the season...

The hay making season that is. The hubby is swamped at work and when he gets home his head is still at work. It's only the first week or two of the busy season and is going to prove to be interesting. The kids expect and want their daddy at dinner and for an hour minimum after dinner. Trying to get it through their heads the how's and whys of daddy's mostly seasonal job is not as easy as I hoped. The other week when it had been three nights in a row of no daddy at dinner I tried to tell the kids that this is the time of year that daddy has to work a lots and lots, you have to make hay while the sun shines, right? Lula said, "so we can have lots and lots of money?" Well now how do you explain to a four year old it's not about the money but providing for the needs of the family and being wise stewards? Oh well someday hopefully it clicks. Well the hubby is wonderful and still spend about an hour with the kids when he gets home even if it means keeping them up late, which for me is hard or harder because I've been with them all day and bedtime is bliss but their time with daddy is more important. Well at least I have an hour of two in the morning by myself with them sleeping in a little. Here's to hay making and good hay making weather.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Birth of Lula My Sweet baby girl!

I was due Jan 5. Racky came five days early so I was quite ready to have this baby when Jan 10 rolled around. Around 3:00 in the morning I was having good strong contractions that I couldn't sleep through. I got up and took a bath. I was in and out of the bath or shower until about five when I woke up the hubby. I was still smiling and excited to meet our new little one. He got up and was very glad that he didn't have to go to work because it was snowing quite hard and he was working outside at the time. I called the midwife around 5:30 to let her know that I was in labor and that we would be needing her assistance later. She asked if I wanted her to come over I said no because I was still all smiles and we would call her later. I packed up the things for Racky set out his food for the day. I was laying on the couch about 6:30 when I heard and felt a pop, my water had broken. (Thankfully it was leather.) My mood instantly changed. I made my way upstairs right away, before things got too bad. I got back into the shower. The hubby called the midwife to tell her things had changed and that she should come. He also called his mom to come get Racky. I was moaning quite loudly (slight understatement). Hubby asked me if I wanted to see Racky before he left, I didn't, I would of scared him. He kept running between me and Racky until the midwife got there. The midwife arrived and set up the bed before she even told me she was there. She then came into the bathroom and told me that my baby was coming out now, she hadn't even checked me yet. Later she said she could tell by the tone of my voice. She asked if I wanted to have the baby in the tub but I said no because there was no more hot water and I was freezing. I some how made my way to the bed. She checked me I was complete with a lip, she moved the lip out of the way and the baby plunged down. I was amazed to feel the baby move so clearly. I started pushing right away. I asked where the hubby was, he was still waiting on his mom. He finally came up and after a push or two she was born. I had to really push to get her body out because it was the same size as her head. The midwife even asked me if I was pushing because her body was coming so slowly. She was born at 7:24 am. She had fresh meconium in her hair. The placenta was stubborn too, I had to really, really push while the midwife pulled to deliver it. I was so loud that my mother in law knew the baby was coming soon too and I made her friend that was with her cry. I only pushed for 8 mins. I had a girl, I thought she was a girl from the beginning. I bought pink the first week I was pregnant. I didn't have the same feelings after she was born that I did with the first. Yes I loved her but she didn't do all the cute things her brother did, she didn't have a personality yet, but it didn't take long for her the make her way into our hearts. She was 9 lbs. 4 oz. and 22 inches long.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


The ticker above says only 50 more days!! Hip hip hurray!!! I know I should prepare for it to be at least 65 more days but the human pregnant brain just doesn't work that way, at least not mine anyway. The hubby keeps telling me I'm going early, really how can he tell, but I'm eating it up all the same. I think May 26th sound like a good day! My brother's open house will be over and my cousins wedding is that afternoon but after that I'm free. That way I could skip the family thing on the 28th and still have enough time to recoup for the hubby old buddies wedding the ninth. Perfect plan I'd say, know if I can just figure out how to pull that off naturally and at home. I remember with me last one everyday I'd think I couldn't get more uncomfortable until I woke up the next morning that is. I not uncomfortable enough to want it to come out quite yet. (Remember I don't like that part.) Well hopefully the month and half flies by.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Boys will be Boys

You can't leave them alone for two seconds. Last night Lula and I went to get our hair trimmed, her first professional hair cut. Well when we got home the menfolk were gone. All the lights are on and there's no note. I call the hubby cell as they are just pulling into the driveway. He has the "grin" when he walks in. He had taken them to the store to buy them a BB gun. Racky, the oldest just turned 6 and I don't even think he can pump it yet. He also got them a rubber band gun that shoots 6 rubber bands in about 3 seconds. As he said "we don't want them to be a bunch of wussies." He also said that he was playing with BB guns at Racky's age. At least for me the rubber band gun was the bigger hit even though the all took turns shooting the BB gun. Well I better prepare myself for loading the rubber band gun a million times today and getting shot a time or two. Boys. (For those worrying, the BB gun is properly stored and they can only use it when daddy is with them.)

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Global Warmingshmorming!!

It's April 7 and we have 2 inches of snow and it's cold, very cold. Where is all this global warming their talking about? Don't you just love how the good LORD mocks their ridiculous ideas?

The Sweet Little Things

It's was seven o'clock on a snow covered April morning. I sleepily stumble to the kitchen to make the hubby some lunch for work. I flick on the over the sink light with Biggie a few steps behind me. That's when it happened, he found his shadow. He tried to get away from it and he tried to catch it. He'd slowly walked across the floor while looking over his shoulder to see if this new thing was still there. He carried on for a few minutes, daddy showed some new shadows and then how to make his move.
Life is good. The innocence of childhood is there anything quite like it?

Thursday, April 5, 2007

My first Labor and Delivery!

I thought I write up on all my labor and deliveries in anticipation for our next blessing.
First, hello my name is Esther and I am a wimp, a complete and total wimp.
The day before my sweet hubby was to leave for a business trip in Las Vegas was the day it all started. I had been busy washing, ironing and packing him for his trip. His suitcase was downstairs and ready to go. I decide to nap because I would have five days and 4 night without him so I would prepare for the baby and scour the house while he was gone. Well when I woke up from my nap I was quite "damp", damp enough to warranted a clean pair of shorts. If you get my drift. First baby, you know, I just thought maybe the baby kicked my bladder while I slept so I didn't think much off it. The hubby and I go out to dinner and afterward hope to go pick out a car seat which we still didn't have. At the restaurant we had cheese bread and waited for our pizza. They messed it up and gave us green peppers instead of green olives so we had to wait for a new pizza. While waiting I felt a little "something", and it was let's say moist. I bolt to the bathroom and water began to trickle down my leg. First baby again, I whad up some toilet paper to help with the moisture and walk quite quickly back to the table, water still running down the legs, the toilet paper is not helping. I Inform hubby that I need to keys and that my water has broken, " Are you sure you didn't pee your pants," he asked. I grab the keys and head to the car. I remember sitting in the car and it finally hitting me that we about to become parents. He pays the bill and we leave with no pizza and head home carseatless. In the car I inquire if he is going to call his boss about the business trip. He on the other hand is trying to convince me that I just pee'd my pants. I call the midwife on the way home and leave her a message that I think my water has broken. At home I stepped out of the car and what seemed like a half gallon of water comes pours out, enough to make my shoes squish when I walk. Hubby finally believes me that its my water and it's not a weak bladder. I talk with the midwife and she tells me to take my temp, keep the area clean, drink plenty of water and get some rest because as of now no contractions, nothing. Rest? no, I start cleaning the house like a mad crazy lady. Vacuuming, laundry, to wash some baby blankets and clothes, and general people will be coming over dash and stash. I finally try to get some sleep around eleven, yeah right, I'm excited, petrified and nervous and a million other emotions. I can't remember all the details but the hubby called to midwife about 1 or 1:30 and she came over because the hubby sounded calm and not like a first time frantic father-to-be. She checked me around 3:00 and I was 3 centimeters dilated, I thought I might die from the pain. I wanted drugs and if I could of drove myself to the hospital I would of, I just couldn't move. I moved from bed, shower and toilet all night long. I kept thinking the midwife was just going to let me die. About 5 something I'm postal. She informs me that most likely I won't have the baby until around noon. I freak and tell her somethings different, I don't know what but sometime is different. She asks me if I feel the urge to push, I tell her no. She decides to check me anyway, I'm dilated to 10 and plus 2. I get to push and get this over with. It's 5:30ish. I push a few time and realize I hate pushing. I ask if the baby will come without pushing, she tells me yes so I stopped pushing. She leave for a few minutes and I still refuse to push. Finally I agree to push again and get this over. I hate pushing and ring of fire is much too mild of an expression, it does not describe the pain. While the poor kid is crowning I'm pushing on his head to try to put counter pressure on the pain. (Kind of like when you hurt your finger, you squeeze it, it helps.) The midwife asked me what I am doing. Not one of my shining moments. The hubby who hated to watch videos in the baby classes has now become totally memorized and sits at the end of the bed and watches every little thing. I use him and the midwife as stirrups and push on them to brace myself for the terrible, agonizing pushing. My beautiful baby boy is placed on my chest at 6:15, its over, and I never want to do that again. This overwhelming wave of love flooded me when I saw him. He was perfect and a very beautiful baby. The midwife measures and weighs him. She tells me he is 8 pounds even, I say "that's it?" How do people have big babies. I was fine no tearing or anything. I have a boy, I always wanted to have boys. God blessed us!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Baking and Bedrest

No I'm not on bed rest but my sister in law is. She has a over 20 weeks left before they hope to deliver the baby and she has a 10 1/2 month old chunk who doesn't even crawl yet, so it could be a very long summer of running around like a crazy person. Oh well you do what you gotta do. She has stopped hemorrhaging so now they want her to take it easy for 2 weeks and then they will reevaluate the situation. So this morning I've been baking and preparing food for her freezer. So far I've made:
one 9x13 of brownies, they are cut and bagged for my bro's lunches
one 9x13 of fruit oatmeal bars
36 blueberry muffins, over half are buttered and bagged
12 sandwiched which again are bagged for lunches
I have some baked chicken cooling right now which I hope to get 5 or 6 meals out of.
I'm sure they'll be sick of chicken but beggars can't be choosers, right? Well I'm off to shredded chicken and assemble some dinners. Have a good day and if you live in lovely Michigan stay warm.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Not much new around here. The weather has been nice, it's quite a bit cooler today but still nice. We got the garage cleaned out, like emptied and hosed out the winter grime. I also got our landscaping trimmed back for the summer so besides putting down some bark down we are pretty well set outside. We have my brothers open house here the end off May so keeping up on the yard with the ever growing belly will be a chore. Were almost done with school for the summer. I was pushing him pretty hard because of the baby being due June 1. The "what if I go early" thing. That's just wishful thinking. But we should be done with math in less than 2 weeks at a relaxed pace and reading about another week. I have made a list of activities to do with him over the summer like counting by fives and counting money. I will hopefully read to him daily and have him read some too. Then the search is on for next years curriculum. I still not sure what we're going to use. I wish there weren't 5 million options. I was contemplating putting him in karate but the cost is crazy and with the baby that's just one more thing. Maybe the next year.
I've been mentally listing what the kids will be needing so when garage sale season hits I don't over buy in some areas and under buy in others. I just need to get it on paper so I can remember it when I need it. I figure if it saves me 30 or 40 bucks it will be worth the hour I spend on it, but it probably save me more than that. I have also be planning the menu for the month after the baby comes, I hope to have most of it cooked and frozen at least three weeks before I'm due. Well were out of laundry detergent so I must be off to the store. Have a good day.