Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The yearly check up

Racky- 50 lbs. 51 inches- can you say noodle Height in the 90th percentile
Lula- 44 lbs. 46 inches (I think) Height- off the chart, good height to weight ratio
Biggie- 36 lbs. 41 inches height in the 90th percentile and 75th percentile for weight
Lu2- (2.5 months) 12lbs 8 oz. 23 3/4 inches
My guess is Lu2 might be average, but the rest will be pretty tall if they keep this up.


Tracy said...

You for sure got the tall kids in our family! I can't imagine Lu2 will be any different time will tell I guess. You've got some weeds growing what ever do you feed them:)

Tracy said...

By the way where are those vacation pic's? ok I know your busy just wondering..heehe..:)

Esther said...

sorry no vacation pics! I totally slacked off and didn't take one picture! Yes I know I won't be getting the mother of the year award!

Tracy said...

Oh sure you get the mother of the year award from me!!:) I'm sure you were busy with four this year plus it rained a lot.