Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It was Racky's 6th Birthday!!!

Racky turned 6 yesterday, I can't believe how time flies.
He made out like a bandit just like his sister did. We exceeded the price limit, well I should daddy exceeded the limit. When I told Isaac everything I had bought for his birthday he asked if I had gotten him anything to play with? So he took it upon himself and bought him one of those kiddie computers with the games all built in. It was quite the hit to say the least and now the kids can't stop fighting over it. He also got a sprinkler for summer, a movie, a clock that doesn't work even after we returned the first one, a spiderman glider plane that already broke, goggles and snorkel for the hot tub and a cowboy costume that I made for him. He picked raisin cake for his dessert and loved it. We went to a play place with his bubby, aka cousin during the day. We also took the day off of school and said howdy partner a lot. My mom took him to Build-A-Bear the day before and the day before that he got even more stuff. The most annoying is the parrot that repeats everything you say two times and has no volume control, thanks grandpa and grandma:) Well let just say that I'm glad Biggies birthday isn't until September. Happy birthday bubby, may the LORD grant you many, many more.

Friday, February 23, 2007

I Know It's Not Right to Lust but.....

I want this. This is the homeschoooling mothers dream, well except the price.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy 32nd Birthday Darling!!!

32 fun facts about him and also why I love him so.
1. He's cute!
2. He's funny, in a dry sort of way;)
3. He works very hard for us.
4. He is a great daddy.
5. His DNA makes some pretty cute kids.
6. He rents chick flicks sometime because he loves me.
7. He is content with our quiet little life.
8. He can keep a secret, even from me.
9. He spends lots of time with the kids.
10. He loves the LORD.
11. He balances me out.
12. He picked me out of his flock of adoring fans.
13. He eats cucumbers and hummus and other healthy things without a complaint.
14. He brings me home junk food sometimes.
15. He is outside with the kids in the snow as I type this building snowmen.
16. He doesn't jump to conclusions.
17. He doesn't take stuff to personally.
18. He rarely ever calls me by my name, it's always babe, or hun or something.
19. He hugs his parents.
20. He stops and visits his grandparents on his own accord.
21. He can read me like a book, for the most part;)
22. He can say I'm sorry if he needs to.
23. He's sexy (if you like skinny guys:))
24. He's my best friend.
25. He was homeschooled K-12th.
26. He's a merciful boss, more than I would be.
27. He likes to "cut a rug" even though he can't dance.
28. He teaches the kids hymns so they can sing in church with us.
29. He is patient.
30. He is merciful.
31. He is honest.
32. He's mine, and I love him.
Happy Birthday Babe, may the LORD grant you with many more years.

Monday, February 19, 2007

The Maytag Man

The appliance repair man was just here AGAIN. In the not quite 4 years we have lived in this house he has been here eight or nine times and is coming back again to hit a double, both the refrigerator and dryer are struggling. The fridge is not working at all and the dryer is on cycle three in attempt to dry a quilt and some sheets. Why is stuff today built so cheaply and costs a small fortune to fix, like a $300.00 computer board. Why do they need computers in them? Our stove is two years old and needs to be checked out again, third time because is smells like gas for 5 minutes after you turn on the oven- lovely huh? At least the store called and asked if I wanted to extent our warranty on the piece o'garbage so that should be covered. We, the hubby and I, are in agreement that we will never purchase a Maytag appliance again. Well the LORD was merciful and we only had to shell out 150 bucks to get both appliances fixed. The dryer just needed to be properly vented to the outside. He said the flexible hose we had on the back starts a lot of house fires so I'm glad it's fixed properly. Well I'm off to reload the fridge and bake some thawed chicken to throw back into the freezer.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

They're Raging

Hormones that is. If I could cry about anymore stuff it would be ridiculous. Here are a few examples. One of the kids jumps on me a hits my mouth and front teeth, it hurts yes, but come on I burst into tears. Hubby says that we can't "breed" anymore after the allergy results and I cry about not having more kids when I'm already 5 and 1/2 months pregnant with number four. The next morning the baby comes on at 6:30 to tell me that he is "soaking" and hands me a diaper, I cry some more at the idea of kinda stuff being over in a few years. Then in my pregnant fog head I forgot to pay our property taxes so we have a 24 dollar late fee, can you guess what I want to do. Yup. I need to watch Steel Magnolia's or something and sob for an hour and then maybe I'll be "normal" again. The joys of being pregnant.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Three's a charm!

Well Biggie's and my food allergy results are in. He too is allergy boy. The highest was beets at a 3+. Cabbage and peanuts at 2+. Apple, grape and grapefruit 1+. And 36 vl (very low) allergies. I am fine, three things showed up very low and that's it. Biggie's outside reactivity level is 294 mine is 26. Good is under 87. So it is safe to say that this can all be blamed on the sweet hubby and his powerful DNA. So for a month grapes, raisins, apples and apple products have to be removed from his diet. It will be hard because the other two will still have to have them while he eats something else but he doesn't understand why he can't have what they have. So the good time keep rolling over here. At least they all are kind of the same so they have each other.
Their valentines day gift was a Mylar balloon from the dollar store instead of food which they seemed to think was better than candy. I love the fact that it is a disposable gift, gone in three days;) Dinner will be the same tonight but I will use the china and crystal glasses to make it fun and special. They never knew of valentines day until this year, the babysitter told them I guess so they say. So I'm off to make fried chicken and carrots, bread and pears fun and special and full of love. Have a good day!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Weighing in!

I was the midwife today. All looks well except the scale was not very kind to me while I made my visit. 8 pounds in four weeks, yes like she pointed out, 2 pounds a week. I am only in the fifth month if it were the last month it would be no big deal, then it would just be water weight, right? She blamed it on the weather, so I will too. It's cold and when it's cold I cook and bake more and in return eat more. She is not at all concerned but I'm only 5 pounds from what I weighed at my last DELIVERY, scary. So I just polished off the last "healthy" no bake cookie out of the freezer so the house in treat free. Tomorrow I will start keeping in eye on what I shovel into my mouth. Maybe I'll even fill out food diaries at to keep track of my protein and calorie intake and such. I hate dieting even though it wouldn't be dieting but better food selection, aka dieting. I know I will feel better but it is so easy to get in a rut and just aimlessly eat. I worry and manage everybody else's diet in this house so I tend to do what ever is easiest for myself. Well I better go tend to the kids and mix up some protein shake replacements. Chow! (pun intended.)

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Not much!

Same ole, same ole. Nothing new and exciting happening here. The cold is getting to me. The kids don't last very long outside in this freezing weather and venturing out is a chore. Things keep breaking and causing me grief, ex. 25 freshly purchased eggs, one large jar of olives and 2 full bottles of cod liver oil, all within 24 hours. I have to work tomorrow and next Tuesday, what was I thinking. Oh and I have a family dinner here Sunday that I am not ready for. My mind is racing about the next few days and everything that has to happen in them. I need to sleep and sleep until next week. Do you ever have these crazy mind racing days?