Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy 32nd Birthday Darling!!!

32 fun facts about him and also why I love him so.
1. He's cute!
2. He's funny, in a dry sort of way;)
3. He works very hard for us.
4. He is a great daddy.
5. His DNA makes some pretty cute kids.
6. He rents chick flicks sometime because he loves me.
7. He is content with our quiet little life.
8. He can keep a secret, even from me.
9. He spends lots of time with the kids.
10. He loves the LORD.
11. He balances me out.
12. He picked me out of his flock of adoring fans.
13. He eats cucumbers and hummus and other healthy things without a complaint.
14. He brings me home junk food sometimes.
15. He is outside with the kids in the snow as I type this building snowmen.
16. He doesn't jump to conclusions.
17. He doesn't take stuff to personally.
18. He rarely ever calls me by my name, it's always babe, or hun or something.
19. He hugs his parents.
20. He stops and visits his grandparents on his own accord.
21. He can read me like a book, for the most part;)
22. He can say I'm sorry if he needs to.
23. He's sexy (if you like skinny guys:))
24. He's my best friend.
25. He was homeschooled K-12th.
26. He's a merciful boss, more than I would be.
27. He likes to "cut a rug" even though he can't dance.
28. He teaches the kids hymns so they can sing in church with us.
29. He is patient.
30. He is merciful.
31. He is honest.
32. He's mine, and I love him.
Happy Birthday Babe, may the LORD grant you with many more years.

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Sharon said...

That is so sweet, Esther! There must be something about those skinny boys, huh?