Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lemonade anyone?

Lemonade is pouring out of our faucets, our shower heads, our toilets and every other opening that spouts H2O in out house! By lemonade I mean pee colored water that is not too appetizing to look at let alone drink! The neighbors water- crystal clear, agh.

The well man can't come until tomorrow and the only thing I keep envisioning is $$$ and pray that there is only one number before the comma on the check that we have to write out to get the flow of lemonade to STOP! Google can sometimes be a cursed thing- it can cost how much to have a new well put in?!?!? It just money right?

Well hopefully Mr. Well-fix-it-man comes in the early morning and puts me out of my misery- I'm terrible at waiting sometimes. And hopefully it is something easy to fix! Well I'm off to brush my teeth with lemonade before I hit the hay. Have a good night.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I love me the Money Saving Mom! $7 and some change! It would of been less but one of the bags of chocolate rung up at 3.49 and not on sale, oh well it's still an awesome deal. (Two bags are missing, hubby took them to work this morning.) If you count that's 22 bags of free chocolate and they didn't hassle me at all. Plus 8 boxes of cereal-free. One Benadryl, glide floss, lip gloss, mouth wash, deodorant, hair clips of Lettie, one onion and two tomatoes. Gotta love cheap thrills!

Bath Time

No words needed....

More Great Wolf Lodge Pics!

Racky floating away! Lettie splashing- isn't she adorable?
The arcade the loved it, daddy dished out handful of tokens and they were off.

Lula in search of he next token gobbling game.

Biggie hurt is leg on a slide so the poor thing crawled around the arcade, but he still loved it!
Thanks again daddy!!!!! We love you!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Two weeks ago we ventured Great Wolf Lodge with the kids, Grace our helping hand and with Uncle Caleb, Aunt Sharon, Ambry and Piper. All the kids LOVED it besides the baby who loved everything but sleeping in a strange place. I will definitally take the kids there again. Go on a non peak time and it is wonderful. Sharon even managed to score a room for $99 bucks because they weren't busy, we were not that lucky. Here pics of our trip-(thanks Aunt Sharon)!
Biggie swimming in the pool, even though he would rather be going on the 3 person slide over and over again!

Lula and Ambry pose for a picture!

Racky working on his crown, the free craft of the day, they have lots of others if you want to pay;)

The royal family!

Lettie and I sitting a watching the kids play!

Monday, March 10, 2008


I blew up the exercise ball today! That's gotta count for something right?!? I know I'm pathetic, okay I'm off to use it right now!

Free Cereal!

We can't eat the stuff but you might be able to. Meijer has honey bunches of oat chocolate clusters on sale this week for $2 go over to Crystal blog and get 8 coupons for $2 off and go and get 8 boxes for free. My local Meijer had them this morning too bad I forgot my coupons, my brother loves free food;)