Friday, December 19, 2008

December Pics!

Daddy trying to teach the kids how to use the camera- they still need some practice. Lula and her handmade fashion accessorises. Biggie with a face full of jam.
Lettie learned how to say "cheeeeese"
Making snowflakes and a cotton ball snowman on a very stormy day.

My thoughts on couponing and running deals!

(Okay a lot of this will be the pot calling the kettle black. Maybe if I publish it I'll practice what I preach more.)

Here are my humble thoughts.

Simple tips on keeping it real:

1.If you don't need it don't buy it. (okay I'm totally a sucker for FREE stuff.)

2.Have a limit on how often you go. (ex. I try to only go to CVS once a month)

3.Don't look at the ads unless you are already going to that store. (I look at the Meijer ad because I'm going to go there anyways, I never look at the mall ads it makes me discontent with what I have)

4. Take it with a grain of salt how much you are really saving, CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid are so over priced. (I'd take the number they give you and divide it in half.)

5. Set a budget on deals, mine in $5 a week.

6. Make sure it's okay with your hubby, an obvious one yet probably the most forgotten one.

Now I step onto my soapbox: Here is a little hypothetical story.

If you were to buy a new washing machine (with a coupon or price match of course) you would not take it home and try to use cow manure in place of detergent. No that would be dumb and simply unwise. Same with your car, you don't add apple juice to the gas tank and expect it to run now do ya.

So why oh why do people fill their sweet babies up with crap food that you can't even pronounce. OK if you and your hubby want to eat crap you are adults and can make up your own mind, your children can not.

Okay I'm stepping down now.

Save money other places if you can before it effects your food. Write out a menu and stick to it. Real old fashion oatmeal or homemade granola is quite comparable to a box of cereal bought on sale with a coupon. Diced up potatoes are much cheaper that bagged fries with twelve gazillion things added to them. Buy real fruit in season, skip the sugary drinks, even juice, drink water. The key word here is REAL!

Yes I too am a sucker for a nice haul of crap, almost all of which I have to give away because it's not REAL. I love to ask the hubby when I get home how much he think it all cost and then have him ask me how they can keep their doors open, it's fun. But not at the health of my family.

End of humble thoughts. Have a good one.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The things they oldie but a goodie!

I remembered this one after I saw the marks on the wall yesterday. It probably two or three years ago already.

Me to Racky and Lula: Who put these marks on the wall? There are little holes all over the wall.

Lula ever so matter-a-factly: Maybe it was a woodpecker?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Need socks? Need underwear?

Okay the boys have enough underwear to last until they're are least 12 but who can resist a deal.

Meijer's this week:
Buy 3 Hanes products get $10 off instantly!

I bought one pack panties for Lula, and two packages of socks, one for the boys and one for Lettie, for $2 and some change! ($3.99 a pack) Can't beat that. I might go back tomorrow. Deal end 12/6 so hurry.

Monday, December 1, 2008

They didn't get the memo?!?!

Last week I heard yet another unwelcome guest in our home as I lay in bed, a mouse, I think. Well the hubby wouldn't get out of bed for a mouse so I had to wait until the next day and we set a trap.

The kids were aware of the situation and checked the trap about every 5 seconds. Lula had an idea, the mouse can't find the cheese on the trap. What they didn't get the "meet me at the mouse trap memo"!?!?

So she proceeds to cut out paper color it yellow and add "cheese holes" and made a trail of paper cheese to the trap so it would find the trap. Why didn't I think of that? :0) She is our creative one all right!

Well it still hasn't gotten the memo. They is no signs (aka mouse crap) of it being in the house, hubby thinks they are in the walls. Nice! Please oh please don't die in the walls and smell the whole house up!