Saturday, June 28, 2008

Little Dutch Girl!

The conversation after last nights picnic!

Lula: Mom picnics are way better than the zoo because the zoo costs lots of money and picnics are are zero dollars!

Daddy: You are sure are dutch aren't ya?

And this is what I heard this morning!

Lula talking to the boys: We sure are spoiled! We got to go into Aunt Sharon's pool, and we got to go on a picnic with dad and we get to go to Uncle Scott's birthday party!

Do you think we warping them too badly!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

$100 in Clothes= $75 in Gas

It's almost Father's day and Sears and Dockers are running a clothes/ gas deal. Buy $100 in men's dockers clothes and mail in your receipt and you will receive $75 gift card to Shell gas. So its kind of like getting $100 worth of clothes for $25 bucks. For more details so here. The hubby will be getting some new pants, the great thing about dockers are that they are a classic type of pants and can be worn for years!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Craiglist oh how I love thee...

Leather sofa and love seat $250.
Minus the $200 bucks we got for the old sectional (which sold in three hours!) $50 for new to us furniture!
Not paying Art Van every month for the next three years- priceless!

The thing about craigslist in it have everything and no shipping costs, besides gas. $275 worth of formula for $140 bucks! Yes $275 -it's all allergy thing. This should last about 5 months and hopefully by then she can be off of it.

Blog Worthy CVS Trip

A grand total of $1.82!! Yippee! I was going to give up the CVS thing for the summer but this got me to rethink that idea! All things we use minus the chex mix but the poor starving bro of mine will gobble them up.

4- toilet paper

8 toothbrushes

1 razor

3 packs of gum (filler)

6 bags of chex mix

2 buddies soaps

2 boxes of band aids

1 flosser thing

1 9 volt battery