Monday, June 27, 2011

"A woman is the only creature that can conquer by surrendering."

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Morning After

Today is the day I start my "diet". So you know yesterday was the day I showed zero, zip, nada self restraint and ate whatever I wanted. I even ate food I didn't really want just because today I "can't" eat it, sigh.

I feel it. My hands are somewhat stiff. I had dragon breathe. My feet we're sore when they first hit the floor. What you didn't know that these are prediabetic signs. 33 year olds should not wake up sore and stiff, well unless they exercised- gag.

Now while I know heredity does have a bit of influence how we were raised and what we eat is the bigger part of it. Two of my brothers and myself show these signs. They are much much worse than I. They have a physically hard time walking in the morning, not cool. They drink pop and I mean they drink LOTS of pop. Like over a 2 liter a day- yuck. They also eat some seriously fake food. Can you say frozen pizzas and Wendy's daily. I should make they a salad stat.

So today is the day I take charge of my health and with the grace of God try to prevent and very preventable disease.

I'm going low carb, or primal or on the GAPS diet. Whatever it is you want to call it. Meat, veggies, LOTS of butter, tallow and olive oil. With a helping of fruit for dessert.

I haven't quite made up all of the rules yet so we shall see. I do know that 86% chocolate will be included as will the occasion adult beverage. On the other hand there won't be any eating cool-whip by the spoonful though, stinkin strawberry shortcake.

So here's to being proactive before I'm forced to be.

Have a fabulous day.