Sunday, February 26, 2012

What a genius idea!

Head over to Owlhaven and read up on her genius idea of teaching kids about the real world and food. 

I must remember this one for the future.  All kids should know this and how to cook.  Scroll through the archives to read the kids take on the experience. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In which she has no control of herself and blows tons of money

Meijer $38- received $28 in Catalina's off your next purchase
Discount Food Store $2.50
Meijer $46
Aldi- $19.40

Also not pictured is Target- $7 for contact solution and fruit snacks. 
Trader's Joe's $15 for three boxes of cereal and 4 packages of tortillas. 
Eggs were another $5.
7 pounds of grassfed liver and beef suet- $18 
One more stop, Costco, oh how I've missed you!  $115 buys you Sockeyed salmon, #10 of carrots, fish sticks, corn chips, strawberries,  ham, cheese, chicken sausages, and breakfast sausages. 

That's a grand total of $252.

I did go spend the 28 dollars of Catalina's today and paid nothing out of pocket for:
Strawberries -2
Kleenex- 3
sparkling water- 5
sandwich bags-2 (by the way in a jam envelopes work as baggies for school lunches:-) 
mento's- 1
So hopefully a couple loaves of bread and we're good until next week.