Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In which she has no control of herself and blows tons of money

Meijer $38- received $28 in Catalina's off your next purchase
Discount Food Store $2.50
Meijer $46
Aldi- $19.40

Also not pictured is Target- $7 for contact solution and fruit snacks. 
Trader's Joe's $15 for three boxes of cereal and 4 packages of tortillas. 
Eggs were another $5.
7 pounds of grassfed liver and beef suet- $18 
One more stop, Costco, oh how I've missed you!  $115 buys you Sockeyed salmon, #10 of carrots, fish sticks, corn chips, strawberries,  ham, cheese, chicken sausages, and breakfast sausages. 

That's a grand total of $252.

I did go spend the 28 dollars of Catalina's today and paid nothing out of pocket for:
Strawberries -2
Kleenex- 3
sparkling water- 5
sandwich bags-2 (by the way in a jam envelopes work as baggies for school lunches:-) 
mento's- 1
So hopefully a couple loaves of bread and we're good until next week. 

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Sharon said...

You are awesome! I don't know what we ever did with ourselves without Costco over there. That store rocks! Next time you need contact solution, let me know. I still have tons! :)