Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kalahari 2010

This year was our second time going to Kalahari in Ohio. The kiddos and the parents LOVE IT. Super fun!! And the when its buy one night get one free you got to jump on it. Chillin' by the wave pool.

Watching the boys body board.

Patiently waiting have a try again.

Sweet baby flesh.
Sorry no pictures of Lula she was off playing with Ambry the time I remembered to take the camera out of the room.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Beverage Anyone???

Just kidding.

So I thought I'd try my hand a making homemade vanilla. Everyone is doing it you know! Well at least her and her.

I read the ingredients on my bottle of vanilla- water, ethyl alcohol, vanilla bean extract, sugar. What SUGAR?? WATER??? Gag. Really can't thing be what they are supposed to be. One fifth of vodka, vanilla beans plus six months to age and voila I'll have so REAL vanilla.
Guaranteed to flavor this sweet peas yogurt with out the "extras".
Total price just in case you were wondering Vodka 23 bucks and vanilla beans 20 bucks.

a fish out of water!

Nothing like stretching the snot out of my sweater's sleeve!!! Good thing she so cotton pickin' cute:-)

Jetpack Anyone?

Nothing like a belt and bucket or a belt and gun when you need a jet pack. Just call them MacGyver!

Hopefully next they don't figure out how to make a bomb out of a piece of gum and a paperclip.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So we are still trying to eat more veggies. So I had to come up with a plan and put it into action.

Monday we had Tex-mex squash soup -which used up the butternut and acorn squash.
Thursday was Spaghetti with well used up the spaghetti squash.
All that is left is pumpkin which will be made into custard or plain pie filling tomorrow.

Monday morning I popped them in the oven so they would be waiting for me when I needed them.

All done!!! Cut open, discard seeds, and scoop out flesh. Puree flesh with stick blender until creamy. This cooking before cutting worked awesome on all except them spaghetti squash, it was kind of hard to get the seeds out with out everything else coming out.

So 4:30 rolled around and I cooked up the meat and onion and added the rest to the pot. Yummy!!!
Tex-mex squash soup
1 quart tomatoes
1.5 lbs venison
leftover salsa frozen from this summer
4-ish cups of squash
1 quart stock
taco seasoning and chili powder to taste
Simmer and serve!! So easy and I can pronounce every ingredient!!!
The poor pumpkin will be used up tomorrow, probably pie for my peeps.

Mt. Washmore

This was my action packed Monday!! The next time I think a laundry vacation is in order remind me that I and the baby do not have enough clothes to go more than a couple of days with out laundry let alone a week!!!!

That would be eight loads just in case you were wondering. I didn't even begin on the bedding yet....sigh.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hooked on Phonics

So we were working on the grocery list together. This is what we came up with.

1.) cetchup
2.) Bhanas
3.) letis
4.) kale
5.) tumatos
6.) cuc- shortened so she didn't have to write too much.
7.) oluv oill
8.) uyens

There were illustrations also just in case I couldn't read her writing!!

Here is the list for you non phonics readers!:-)

olive oil