Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 4 Pantry Challenge It's OVER

So this week we spent $72.  That makes the month total $377. Yea haw!!  I'm thrilled with the results.  We haven't spent so little on groceries for a month in years.  

While I didn't quite accomplish all my goals we did a lot of them.  I canned grapefruits, 20 pints I believe.  I used up a good portion of our canned butter and this week bought enough to replace it but still have to get it into the jars- sigh.   I canned 14 pints, 14 pints is 14 pounds, of chicken breast that had been in my freezer since the end of August.  Having this done will mean a few quick and easy lunches, chicken enchilada dip, chicken salad, bbq chicken- well you get the idea.  I also got one full meal in the freezer which is about 4 or 5 shy of what I wanted but the canned chicken makes up for that.

I didn't make applesauce as I had hoped but the orchard will have apples for a few more month so hopefully this month we can make some.  Even if I had bought apples I'd would have still been under budget.   

As for the money saved, I spent it already-sigh.  I mailed out checks for the remaining 4 seminars that I need to keep my dental hygiene licence up date.  I'm kind of mad scrambling to get that done before #6 enters the world:-)  Well at least having to do that didn't cramp our style at all.

I'm going to shoot for $500 for the short month of February.  This is completely doable as our freezers are still loaded. 

Thanks to Jessica at good(cheap)eats for the challenge. 

Here's what we bought this week. 
Aldi $21 and Costco $36

"Take a picture of me and the food"
"Rice krispie treat" without the rice krispies, using up a cereal that no one would touch:-)

Not pictured, 6 four packs of YoBaby yogurts $6. And 3 loaves of bread $12.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pantry Challenge Week 3

My little grocery shopping helpers.

So Wednesday is grocery shopping day and so far this month I've only gone shopping once a week, lots of store but all done in one day.  The hubby did stop a couple of time but let me tell you getting it done in one day make for a smoother week.  And staying out of the store means you can't spend money:-) 

First Stop ~The Discount Food Store
Fruit twist - 4
Yogurts- 6
70% Organic Chocolate- hey no judging:-)- 12 bars

Second Stop~ Aldi
Cucumbers- 6
Bananas - 2
Green Onions -1
Cauliflower -1
Seltzer Water- 2

Heatlh Store and Dollar Store

Health Store and Dollar Store~
2 dozen eggs
2 loaves of bread
dish washer detergent

more grapefruit
3# of deli ham
ice cream
pasta sauce
apple sauce cups - only 67 cents a package
cake mix ~ for my child obsessed with the show Cake Boss:-) 
Some of this we don't "need" but I don't want to have to pay full price before the next sale so I grabbed a few. 

I believe the total for this week was $98.  More than I would have like but way better than what I normally spend.  So around $305 for the month so far.  I'm thrilled with that number, my kids are hallow and they never stop eating so we go through mad crazy food. 

Only one more week to go!  Go see how everyone else is doing. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Eating Well.

Well I haven't had to be rather creative with this challenge as our freezers are stocked but some imagination has made in a little more fun. 

Saturday lunch I stared in the fridge.  I could just feed them a sandwich but there wouldn't be enough bread for salmon melts on Sunday.  So what to feed the wolves that frequent my kitchen. 

Hot Dog "mummies"!  They went over fabulously with the kids. 

I had hot dog buns thawed from a get together we had this fall but the hubby was not impressed with me thinking about feeding them to the kids and honestly either was I.  In the trash they went. 

Racky is not a fan of plain hot dogs and how can you blame the kid- hot dogs are pretty low on the food chain.  So what is a mom to do. 

Well I made a half batch of biscuits and flattened in as thin as I could.  I then cut it into thin strips and wrapped it around the hot dogs.  I baked a touch longer than the biscuit recipe call for to ensure the hot dog was fully heated.  Served with a little ketchup.  Easy- peasy and they think I rock! 

Also I've made pancakes twice this month- I hate to make pancakes, all that flipping and they take for ever to fill the kids up.  But they are cheap and filling, after they eat 5 or 6, and they love them.  We top them with homemade powdered sugar, strawberry jam or maple syrup.  Bear and mickey mouse heads go over well too.  Same boring food but kid friendly. 

Tomorrow the plan is to make breakfast boats- half baked potatoes filled with breakfast sausage and maybe a veggie snuck in there.  Come on breakfast boats sound better to a kid than twice baked potatoes with sausage. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week 2 of the Pantry Challenge

Aldi run week 2
So this week was much better than last week spending wise.  And you know what, we didn't starve.  Here is my run to Aldi.  While I rarely go to Aldi they had a great deal on clementines and we go through those things like water around here.  Here's what we bought.

#10 lbs potatoes
4 bags of bags clementines
2 frozen veggies
2 bananas
2 blueberries
lettuce and tomatoes
Total of $19.78

Discount Food Store, sorry I can't find the picture.
3 Amy's organic frozen pizza at $2.49 a piece I couldn't pass them by, the kids ate 2 of them while the hubs and I went on a date:-). 
5 YoBaby organic yogurt 4 packs $1 each
2 LeCreme 4 packs of yogurt.  $1 each
I don't normally buy single serve yogurts for one they are expensive and another ever try to find a full fat yogurt in single serves.  Well these all were FULL fat- yumm-o! 
Total of $14.97

World Market
Rice Paper Wrappers for the hubs. 

The hubby stopped at the health store again for me- 2 loaves of bread $7.40. 

And that is all she wrote for the spending this week.  $44.64 for this week.  Total for two weeks is $206.50.  Not so bad.  The 400 to 500 buck total in obtainable

I did end up finally canning last weeks grapefruits. 20 pint jars now line our shelves.  I used 3 bags plus a couple extra grapefruits, the rest were devoured, so the total cost about a buck a jar with lids. 

Jars waiting to be put away after being washed. 
I do have to shop again this week.  We are out of eggs, cereal- which only matters to one kid, and veggies. Also we are going to a dinner party on Friday and I need to make a fruit salad of that, can you say expensive.  Oh well it will be fun. 

Stop my Good(cheap)Eats to see how everyone else in doing. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week 1 - What I Bought

$161.86- gulp!

Health Store $25 The large mayo was almost $10- ouch!

Benna, Benna look at mommy!  Smile!  Whatever- Meijer $45.35
Hey mom, I'm busy here!

Costco- $80.01 saving of 35% if I did the math correctly:-)

Again to Meijer to get the tomatoes because they were out on the first try.  And the discount food store for the yogurts.  $11.50.


The grapefruits were on sale, stinkers made the bags smaller this year.  Last year it was 18 lbs for $4.99 now the bag is only 15 lbs for the same $4.99. 

The chickens are $1.74 a pound when purchased by the case at Costco.  It's pretty much like 8 bucks a bird instead of 11. 

The cherry tomatoes were 45 cents after coupons.  The ice cream is for Lula's birthday this week.  Strawberries were because I brought a little person with me:-)

Head here to see how everyone else is doing. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Pantry Challenge Begins

So it's here, challenge time.  I really should have no problem staying under $500 as I mentioned earlier.  If I meet that goal I hope to buy some tattler reusable canning lids with the savings. 

Our "food room", (our walk in pantry in our basement), as we call it is stuffed.  Both freezers are packed and right now the fridge is full. 

Here is what we are hoping to eat this week.   

Monday: burgers

Tuesday:  breakfast sausage over baked potatoes and veggie

Wednesday:  ground turkey- veggie meatloaf and mashed potatoes

Thursday:  taco soup and guacamole and corn chips

Friday:    baked chicken and rice

Saturday:  chicken enchilada dip with chips or tortillas from leftover chicken

Sunday:  Lunch- Salmon melts on toast or tomato slices.  Dinner- chicken sausages and whatever is left in the fridge. 

A little shopping will happen this week.  The hubby is hoping to eliminate a few foods that can cause bloating, onions, garlic, etc.  He already knows that gluten and corn are no good for him but there still is something bothering his stomach. 

Also grapefruits are $4.99 for 18 lbs. this week and I want to can some of those.  Hopefully I can hold it together and not spend too much:-)