Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week 1 - What I Bought

$161.86- gulp!

Health Store $25 The large mayo was almost $10- ouch!

Benna, Benna look at mommy!  Smile!  Whatever- Meijer $45.35
Hey mom, I'm busy here!

Costco- $80.01 saving of 35% if I did the math correctly:-)

Again to Meijer to get the tomatoes because they were out on the first try.  And the discount food store for the yogurts.  $11.50.


The grapefruits were on sale, stinkers made the bags smaller this year.  Last year it was 18 lbs for $4.99 now the bag is only 15 lbs for the same $4.99. 

The chickens are $1.74 a pound when purchased by the case at Costco.  It's pretty much like 8 bucks a bird instead of 11. 

The cherry tomatoes were 45 cents after coupons.  The ice cream is for Lula's birthday this week.  Strawberries were because I brought a little person with me:-)

Head here to see how everyone else is doing. 


Sharon said...

If you subtract what you spent on grapefruits and chicken, you did awesome!! Keep up the good work!!

Aunt B said...

Don't get discouraged. Some weeks are just like that. And I think you did a good job.

brandyk said...