Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week 2 of the Pantry Challenge

Aldi run week 2
So this week was much better than last week spending wise.  And you know what, we didn't starve.  Here is my run to Aldi.  While I rarely go to Aldi they had a great deal on clementines and we go through those things like water around here.  Here's what we bought.

#10 lbs potatoes
4 bags of bags clementines
2 frozen veggies
2 bananas
2 blueberries
lettuce and tomatoes
Total of $19.78

Discount Food Store, sorry I can't find the picture.
3 Amy's organic frozen pizza at $2.49 a piece I couldn't pass them by, the kids ate 2 of them while the hubs and I went on a date:-). 
5 YoBaby organic yogurt 4 packs $1 each
2 LeCreme 4 packs of yogurt.  $1 each
I don't normally buy single serve yogurts for one they are expensive and another ever try to find a full fat yogurt in single serves.  Well these all were FULL fat- yumm-o! 
Total of $14.97

World Market
Rice Paper Wrappers for the hubs. 

The hubby stopped at the health store again for me- 2 loaves of bread $7.40. 

And that is all she wrote for the spending this week.  $44.64 for this week.  Total for two weeks is $206.50.  Not so bad.  The 400 to 500 buck total in obtainable

I did end up finally canning last weeks grapefruits. 20 pint jars now line our shelves.  I used 3 bags plus a couple extra grapefruits, the rest were devoured, so the total cost about a buck a jar with lids. 

Jars waiting to be put away after being washed. 
I do have to shop again this week.  We are out of eggs, cereal- which only matters to one kid, and veggies. Also we are going to a dinner party on Friday and I need to make a fruit salad of that, can you say expensive.  Oh well it will be fun. 

Stop my Good(cheap)Eats to see how everyone else in doing. 

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