Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pantry Challenge Week 3

My little grocery shopping helpers.

So Wednesday is grocery shopping day and so far this month I've only gone shopping once a week, lots of store but all done in one day.  The hubby did stop a couple of time but let me tell you getting it done in one day make for a smoother week.  And staying out of the store means you can't spend money:-) 

First Stop ~The Discount Food Store
Fruit twist - 4
Yogurts- 6
70% Organic Chocolate- hey no judging:-)- 12 bars

Second Stop~ Aldi
Cucumbers- 6
Bananas - 2
Green Onions -1
Cauliflower -1
Seltzer Water- 2

Heatlh Store and Dollar Store

Health Store and Dollar Store~
2 dozen eggs
2 loaves of bread
dish washer detergent

more grapefruit
3# of deli ham
ice cream
pasta sauce
apple sauce cups - only 67 cents a package
cake mix ~ for my child obsessed with the show Cake Boss:-) 
Some of this we don't "need" but I don't want to have to pay full price before the next sale so I grabbed a few. 

I believe the total for this week was $98.  More than I would have like but way better than what I normally spend.  So around $305 for the month so far.  I'm thrilled with that number, my kids are hallow and they never stop eating so we go through mad crazy food. 

Only one more week to go!  Go see how everyone else is doing.