Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Not much new around here. The weather has been nice, it's quite a bit cooler today but still nice. We got the garage cleaned out, like emptied and hosed out the winter grime. I also got our landscaping trimmed back for the summer so besides putting down some bark down we are pretty well set outside. We have my brothers open house here the end off May so keeping up on the yard with the ever growing belly will be a chore. Were almost done with school for the summer. I was pushing him pretty hard because of the baby being due June 1. The "what if I go early" thing. That's just wishful thinking. But we should be done with math in less than 2 weeks at a relaxed pace and reading about another week. I have made a list of activities to do with him over the summer like counting by fives and counting money. I will hopefully read to him daily and have him read some too. Then the search is on for next years curriculum. I still not sure what we're going to use. I wish there weren't 5 million options. I was contemplating putting him in karate but the cost is crazy and with the baby that's just one more thing. Maybe the next year.
I've been mentally listing what the kids will be needing so when garage sale season hits I don't over buy in some areas and under buy in others. I just need to get it on paper so I can remember it when I need it. I figure if it saves me 30 or 40 bucks it will be worth the hour I spend on it, but it probably save me more than that. I have also be planning the menu for the month after the baby comes, I hope to have most of it cooked and frozen at least three weeks before I'm due. Well were out of laundry detergent so I must be off to the store. Have a good day.

Friday, March 23, 2007

No Lifeguard On Duty

This was our backyard yesterday. The kids went "fishing".

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The "Cheaps"

The other day my sweet hubby was questioning the 4 cans of mushrooms in the cupboard. Let's just say he has a strong dislike for mushrooms and I on the other hand can eat them plain out of the can. They make everything better in my opinion. I proceeded to tell him that I spend less than 2 dollars a month on mushroom, pocket change, right? This is what got to me, he said, "that's 24 bucks a year, that's quite a bit on mushrooms." You know he's right.
So how much other cheap stuff an I spending money on?
3.99 on a movie rental once a week amounts to $207.48 in a year.
3.00 a week on a specialty coffee, as a treat you know? 156.00 yearly
Buying each kid a book while garage saling to keep them happy 1.00 multiplied by 20 times 20.00.
Bottled water from the gas station 1.25 weekly = 81.25.
Hot fudge sundae on rare occasion when there are no kids with me 1.05 = 6.30 yearly
There are so many more but just those alone add up to 471.03 that's quite a bit, even if I cut it in half $235.51
I personally only fall victim too two of these totaling $26.30 yearly which I don't think is too bad. But I do view the 2 movies weekly that the hubby brings home when we have 8 shows tivo'd. I run to the grocery store to buy something I'm craving instead of using up the leftovers in the fridge. I grab the extra clothes from garage sales just because they are "so" cheap even though the kids drawers are bursting. I use the vacuum at the gas station instead of the free one at home. These aren't an easy thing to put a price on but I'm sure it's more than I care to think about. Any good financial book out there will tell you to write down every penny you spend for a month to see where it all goes. I did this for half a month and was amazed and depressed at the amount of money I was wasting. I know money isn't everything but I don't want to be slave to the lender for the rest of my life if I can help it and the LORD commands us to be good stewards of what he blesses us with. So I think I'll dust off the penny diary and have another go at it. When it's write down there's no denying the fact. Now if only I could get the hubby to do it too. Oh and as of right now I'll keeping the mushroom budget, delicious.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


I just spend two hours in the basement sorting and purging toys and the "everything" closet. I love to get rid of stuff, but sometime it makes me feel guilty about the amount of waste that there is. I suppose back in the day the kids maybe had "a" doll not 24 stuffed animals. I was viscous today, and the kids are not allowed down there until I get the stuff out of our life. Lula is the worst there will be tears and the whole nine yards if she sees what I've gotten rid of. She is good at offering up her brothers things for the Goodwill pile but not her own. The girl is the biggest pack rat, clothes toys it doesn't matter. Do you let the kids see what you've gotten rid of or do you do it in secret? Do you keep anything for a while to see if they ask for it? Some of the stuff is new to us within the last 4 months but they just don't play with it. And some stuff I have been hanging on to, like the Mr. Potato Head because I can't believe they don't like it. Well today was the day to get rid of it. I'm still a sucker for dress up clothes but I did trim them down a bit. And I do solemnly swear not to purchase a ball or stuffed animal for a gift as long as I shall live. Okay maybe a slight exaggeration but those things must breed when our not looking. Stuffed animals are the worst, they get played with for a week, maybe, and collect dust the rest of their existence. Well next is their bedroom, didn't I just do their bedroom. Yes I do believe I did but we must make room for one more. So be gone with the stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

62 Degrees!!!!!!!!

Today the weather is awesome! It's supposed to reach 62, then plummet to 37 tomorrow but lets not think about tomorrow quite yet. So I told the kids we'd venture to to zoo. I have no idea what animals if any are out but we'll see. They love the zoo, I personally could just stay home and sit on the front porch, but at least its educational. Well I told them and they'll hold me to it so I better get ready. Enjoy the day! (Is so much easier to rejoice and be glad in it when its nice out isn't it?)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Words of Wisdom

These words of wisdom are posted at Amy's blog.

If you want to have enough to give away, save for retirement, and stay out of debt, it’s not good enough to live within your means, you have to live well below it.

I need to memorize this line. Well below, Well below, Well below, Well below.....


Lula and I went second hand store shopping this morning. I had a urge to blow some cash and get out of the house so off we went. Here is what we got for $17.74.
2 Capri pants for Lula
2 shirts for Lula
1 dress for Lula
1 lady bug belt
1 superman shirt for Racky
1 pair of shorts for Racky
3 kids books
1 pattern for a wrap skirt I hope to make for beach outings this summer
We also got out of the house for two hours. If I spend 1.5 hours at the mall you could bet I'd spend more than $17.74. The bulk of my shopping was at a new Goodwill in town, I could have spent more if I knew the accepted checks and debit/credit cards. Good thing I didn't know though 20 bucks was my limit. Garage sales have better prices but I like to have a few outfits before warm weather hits so I don't end up running to Target and buying new when all of a sudden a heat wave rolls in. And come on you can't buy Gymboree at Target for 1.99. I also don't know how much time for garage saling I'll have with the baby due in June and my brothers graduation open house/ going away party here the end of May. Well I have purchased myself some more laundry so I better scoot. Have a good weekend, it's BEAUTIFUL out.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Were Still Sick!

I thought we were on the mend but no such luck. Racky's fever came back and the other two are still in cling-on mode. I'm trying to remember that when I was little and sick all I wanted was my mom. Shoot the first time I got sick after I got married I wanted my mom to take care of me. Biggie and Lula aren't sleeping well and are keeping me up half the night. I feel I like at any minute that I could come down with the disease too, but mom's can't get sick right? I moved our Doc appointment up a week to today in hopes that a good adjustment will help rid our house of this illness. I also restocked the fridge with chicken veggie soup which according to the Doc helps to replace potassium and magnesium which when they are low they cause the aches of the flu. I crammed it full of veggies summer squash, mushrooms, carrots, onion, yellow pepper and a whole head of bok choy. Can't get much healthier can it?
Future Blog Posts:
I hope to get Racky's room done soon if I can get some stuff sold so we can buy him a bed and hope to blog the after product.
I also want to post about modesty, I would love some input on how to keep a four year old dressing modestly, swim suit season is almost here. I love the season but hate the battle of trying to dress like a GOD fearing woman and trying to raise one too.
Also I need to get moving and start my spring cleaning and nesting. Any ideas how to redo a bathroom on a budget with new flooring and paint. Who puts carpet in a bathroom? Gross.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Interesting Read

I just ran across an article by Michael Pearl about the KJV. There are few people who believe that we have a pure preserved word of God and he has some very good points on what happens when you don't have God's pure word. It's worth your time to take a look at it.

Long weekend!!

This weekend is dragging and it's not looking to improve any. The kids are still sick, they aren't worse but they aren't better either. The hubby is working until 9:30 tonight, yuck. I did make it to the store last night so at least we have food. It wasn't fun though the weather was nasty especially when your dragging a cart full of groceries through the snow. I did hit 3 of the 6 stores that I generally shop to supply us with our food and toiletries. The kids are watching more TV right now, I know it's terrible but after clinging to me for so long it's time for another movie. I did spoil them last night and bought them some new pj pants to lounge around in, gotta love the clearance racks. I probably shouldn't have after the hubby told about the money status or the lack of money status right now. Oh well life just keeps clipping along. Well I best get back to tending to the children.

Friday, March 2, 2007

We have the flu!

I hate when the kids get sick. They don't all do it at the same time but have to spread it out over a long stretch of time. Right now Racky is down for the count he has the aches, a fever, double ear infection and bronchitis. Biggie has swollen lymph nodes and a low fever and is well on his way to being full blown sick also. Lula so far so good. I'm warming up chicken soup from the freezer and adding more veggies to it to try to stretch it a little farther. I make my "cauldron" full at the beginning of the month and freeze it for lunches or an easy dinner on sick days like today, but we only have one 4 cup bowl left. I have to go to the store something fierce. The hubby only gets paid monthly and I still haven't gotten his check or anything yet, oh well hubby will be home tomorrow so I can run around town and get my errands done. I suppose I could hop them up on Tylenol and drag them all over town because the Tylenol is masking their fever and their aches but I won't even go there. Okay maybe I will. If you have sick children STAY HOME. I know it's not always easy but who said motherhood is easy. Anything this rewarding takes some sacrifice. Okay I'm off my soap box now. Well I hope you have a good week end!