Monday, February 9, 2009

My livingroom on a daily basis

Is this what your livingroom turns into everyday? I drive me crazy but there is some many worse thing for them to be doing so I just watch. Here they are playing Noah's ark. This one is just for fun.

Need a toothbrush or 2 or 34?

Meijer is doing a promotion on their health and beauty products which mean lots and lots of toothbrushes and lots and lots of fun. Here is a picture of my last six transactions---

8 kashi pizzas

19 toothbrushes

8 hand soaps

1 tweezers

4 bags of flossers

1 pair of gloves for Lula

2 boxes of organic tea

Total out of pocket 6 bucks and some change. Yippie!!!!!

So here is what you do. Buy 5 meijer toothbrushes priced at $1.09, they will give you a Catalina for $8 off your next purchase. So go buy five more toothbrushes or other meijer products. The meijer milk and honey hand soap, or flossers, shave gel, cottonballs all work, I even got 5 nail polishes clearanced to $1.12 each. Throw in whatever maybe a clearance's kashi pizza to get your total over $8 pay with catalina plus some change and do it again and again. I did 12 transactions yesterday. Total was probably close to $20 but a half gallon jar of olives made that so high. And I still have a cat for $8 off my next purchase. Hurry deal ends on the 11th.

Anyboby wanna buy a pizza??