Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Detox: Day 1

Yesterday I started a 10 day detox diet. Here's the basic run down.

Day 1 cut out any processed foods, sugars and meat.

Day 2 eliminate all the above and dairy and eggs. Drink two scoops of ultraclear.

Day 3 Cut out all of the above and grains that contain gluten. Drink two scoops ultraclear.

Day 4 Cut out above and all other grains and nuts, you can only eat fruits and veggies. Drink two scoops twice daily.

Days 5-7 You can only eat cruciferous veggies, raw greens and apples and pears. Drink 2 scoops four times a day.

Day 8 Add back fruits and veggies and rice. Drink two scoops three times a day.

Day 9 Add back quinoa, millet and buckwheat and legumes and nuts. Drink two scoops two times.

Day 10 add back foods gently--- it's finally over.
You are allowed olive oil, lemon juice and seasonings through out the ten days. When we were visiting these people they used olive oil and balsamic vinegar on there salads, which I tried when we got home and it's super yummy, so I may "cheat" and use that on salads- since it's only a smidgen;0)

So yesterday I ate Ezekiel bread (it's sugar free), butter, eggs, almonds, tomatoes, apples, pears, and a cup of hot chocolate sweetened with agava nectar.

It is amazing how much food I would have eaten if I wasn't consciously thinking about ever bite that went into my mouth. I eat a lot. I picked now to do it because it's been almost 3 years since I did it last and it's apple and pear season and you can eat those the whole time on the diet.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The latest allergy results

The hubby had his allergy test redone the other week and the results are finally in. NOT GOOD!

Here are the 3's (3's are bad).
egg yolk
pinto beans
filbert- a cousin of the hazel nut
navy beans


string beans
egg whites
sunflower seed

60 other foods showed up very low

out of the 108 foods tested for these are what is is NOT allergic to:
wheat bran

You don't even want to know how much I spent and the grocery store and I still don't know what the poor guy is going to eat. I wonder if the government will give me some money they seem to like to give money away these days.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Love story anyone?

If your a sucker for love stories like I am head over here. Wow!

Monday, September 22, 2008

CVS Madness!

Three CVS stores 7 transactions---
#1 4- $2 off kashi
1- $2 off 10 cvs coupon
$1.19 total

#2 1- $2 off kashi
1- $2 off south beach
5-$1 off buddies
1 $2 off 10 cvs
$1.??? sorry can't find that receipt

#3 1- $1 off crest
1- $1 off mouthwash
1- $1 off deodorant
1- $2 off dr scholls
a bunch of ebc's
$12.50 not great but hubby REALLY wanted the Dr Scholls

#4 1 ECb for $4 got back $6 ecb, 0 out of pocket
#5 Another Zero out of pocket and zero ecb's used--nice!

#6 1 $1 off huggies
1 $2 off 10
a bunch of ecbs
.07 out of pocket

#7 1 $1.50 off litttle swimmers
1 $2 0ff 10
rest of ecb's
.09 out off pocket

I started the evening with $13.98 ecb and ended -with $10 ecb's and spend just over $15 not terrible seeing how just the pack of diapers would cost me that.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Picture Time!

Shh don't tell the hubby but these are the only 2 pics form our vacation-oops! My best guess is the that when I, the very incompetent camera operator, changed the memory card at the zoo is that I put it in there wrong because there was no new pictures on it and I did take some. So we get a rhino and Lettie and her daddy.
This little man turned four on the first and as you can tell from his face picked spaghetti for his birthday dinner. He got way too much stuff, there are nerf arrows all over my house.
Here is one of Lettie because she's the baby and way too cute!
Finally last month we had Kaleb over and they did a little painting. It kept them occupied for all of 7 minutes. "the city" by Kaleb, Racky, Lula and Biggie.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Vacationette!

Okay I don't think vacationette is a real word but if it was it would mean short trip.

Thursday we loaded the minivan with kids, clothes and a whole lot of food bound for Cincinnati Ohio. We stopped in Indianapolis to pick up and friend of the family and drove her to her home just east of Cincinnati. Lula has a little itching of the eyes and Racky was a little stuffy after our visit that their home but all is good. Lu2 slept like a champ in the hotel- thanks be!

Friday we hit the Cincinnati Zoo, which is an awesome zoo! It rained on us but with the purchase of an overpriced umbrella and a few hats it was great. Friday night we went back and visited the family friends and Lula's eyes turn completely pink and watered with the vengeance. Back to the hotel for showers and clean clothes for all. All is good.

Saturday we hit Whole Foods and the Creation Museum. Great place to visit, the creation museum that is Whole foods is just ok. We definitely want to take the kids back there when they are older and can all read.

After the creation museum we head to this lovely couples house. They have four beautiful children all very close to the age of our four kids. The kids have a ball playing. Lula is totally denying the itchy eyes and the hive on her face. I wonder how good of an idea this is. Racky is a little off. But we're hanging in there. We had a wonderful time getting to know them and talking with them.

Bedtime comes and the Racky and Lula are simply miserable. But they are having so much fun the idea of leaving is killing them. So we stay.

It was a very very long night of a crying baby. A snoot sneezing, eye rubbing girl. (She rubbed her eye so much the skin under it bleed. And a very congested and wheezy boy. Racky even had Benedryl for the first time in over 6 years. Racky and I slept in the van. Hubby manned the rest inside. I slept less than 2 hours that night. So whats left to do...

Pack them up and come home. And that just what we did. Racky improved all the way home and then slept over 14 hours last night to wake up completely back to normal with the exception of a cold sore. So the five day vacation turned to three but all is well again. Thanks be to God.

(Just imagine the pictures of the kids at the zoo and such, but the camera got left in Ohio- oops.)