Monday, September 15, 2008

Picture Time!

Shh don't tell the hubby but these are the only 2 pics form our vacation-oops! My best guess is the that when I, the very incompetent camera operator, changed the memory card at the zoo is that I put it in there wrong because there was no new pictures on it and I did take some. So we get a rhino and Lettie and her daddy.
This little man turned four on the first and as you can tell from his face picked spaghetti for his birthday dinner. He got way too much stuff, there are nerf arrows all over my house.
Here is one of Lettie because she's the baby and way too cute!
Finally last month we had Kaleb over and they did a little painting. It kept them occupied for all of 7 minutes. "the city" by Kaleb, Racky, Lula and Biggie.


Sharon said...

What a bummer about your vacay pics! Love the idea of painting on the paper of the city. So cute!

Tracy said...

Cute pic's to bad about your vacation pictures. Our vaca pic's are always some of my favorite ones.