Monday, September 8, 2008

The Vacationette!

Okay I don't think vacationette is a real word but if it was it would mean short trip.

Thursday we loaded the minivan with kids, clothes and a whole lot of food bound for Cincinnati Ohio. We stopped in Indianapolis to pick up and friend of the family and drove her to her home just east of Cincinnati. Lula has a little itching of the eyes and Racky was a little stuffy after our visit that their home but all is good. Lu2 slept like a champ in the hotel- thanks be!

Friday we hit the Cincinnati Zoo, which is an awesome zoo! It rained on us but with the purchase of an overpriced umbrella and a few hats it was great. Friday night we went back and visited the family friends and Lula's eyes turn completely pink and watered with the vengeance. Back to the hotel for showers and clean clothes for all. All is good.

Saturday we hit Whole Foods and the Creation Museum. Great place to visit, the creation museum that is Whole foods is just ok. We definitely want to take the kids back there when they are older and can all read.

After the creation museum we head to this lovely couples house. They have four beautiful children all very close to the age of our four kids. The kids have a ball playing. Lula is totally denying the itchy eyes and the hive on her face. I wonder how good of an idea this is. Racky is a little off. But we're hanging in there. We had a wonderful time getting to know them and talking with them.

Bedtime comes and the Racky and Lula are simply miserable. But they are having so much fun the idea of leaving is killing them. So we stay.

It was a very very long night of a crying baby. A snoot sneezing, eye rubbing girl. (She rubbed her eye so much the skin under it bleed. And a very congested and wheezy boy. Racky even had Benedryl for the first time in over 6 years. Racky and I slept in the van. Hubby manned the rest inside. I slept less than 2 hours that night. So whats left to do...

Pack them up and come home. And that just what we did. Racky improved all the way home and then slept over 14 hours last night to wake up completely back to normal with the exception of a cold sore. So the five day vacation turned to three but all is well again. Thanks be to God.

(Just imagine the pictures of the kids at the zoo and such, but the camera got left in Ohio- oops.)


Tracy said...

Glad Shacky is doing better. Sounds like you had a fun vacationette despite it!

Sharon said...

Sounds like you had a good time despite having to cut the vacay short. Glad you all made it back safe and sound. What a bummer about your camera! Are you going to be able to get it back?

Sarah said...

Glad you had fun despite sick kids. Hope you got some much needed sleep too.

Your friend take AWESOME photos.

studio3z photography said...

We had a great time with you guys although short. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to see you again before long. Glad to hear the kids did great after getting home :(