Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Detox: Day 1

Yesterday I started a 10 day detox diet. Here's the basic run down.

Day 1 cut out any processed foods, sugars and meat.

Day 2 eliminate all the above and dairy and eggs. Drink two scoops of ultraclear.

Day 3 Cut out all of the above and grains that contain gluten. Drink two scoops ultraclear.

Day 4 Cut out above and all other grains and nuts, you can only eat fruits and veggies. Drink two scoops twice daily.

Days 5-7 You can only eat cruciferous veggies, raw greens and apples and pears. Drink 2 scoops four times a day.

Day 8 Add back fruits and veggies and rice. Drink two scoops three times a day.

Day 9 Add back quinoa, millet and buckwheat and legumes and nuts. Drink two scoops two times.

Day 10 add back foods gently--- it's finally over.
You are allowed olive oil, lemon juice and seasonings through out the ten days. When we were visiting these people they used olive oil and balsamic vinegar on there salads, which I tried when we got home and it's super yummy, so I may "cheat" and use that on salads- since it's only a smidgen;0)

So yesterday I ate Ezekiel bread (it's sugar free), butter, eggs, almonds, tomatoes, apples, pears, and a cup of hot chocolate sweetened with agava nectar.

It is amazing how much food I would have eaten if I wasn't consciously thinking about ever bite that went into my mouth. I eat a lot. I picked now to do it because it's been almost 3 years since I did it last and it's apple and pear season and you can eat those the whole time on the diet.


Tracy said...

You go girl has it been three years since we all did that already?? Wow time flies seems like it was just last year. I thought that detox was horrible I would've quit if the hubs wasn't doing it with me. I'll pray for strength for you to complete it I know you will but those days 5-7 are really tough. And your right it's amazing how much I stuff myself with mindless eating. once I recorded every morsel that went into my mouth for three days I was appalled at all the junk I eat that I don't need.

Sharon said...

I also am amazed at how much food I actually consume. It really is quite horrible! I should do that with you...should, but probably won't. :) I just don't know if I could follow through on that strict of a "diet".

Oh, and of course you are more than welcome to raid my house anytime. :)