Saturday, September 26, 2009

The post where she blows the budget right out of the water!!!! *Edited*

Okay all was going okay, I knew I would go over but wow I blew it!

Friday I stopped at Big lots. I spent just under $5 on:

2 cans of organic tomatoes (I needed sauce for pizza)
1 box of Kleenex for a sick baby
1 can of organic soup for hubby's emergency supply a work

Then the hubby calls on his way home to find out what's for dinner. WHAT there's no olives for the pizza, he has to stop at the store and get some. $13 bucks later we have ham, green olives and black olives and peperoni's. I will give it to him that the pizza was yummy but we could have ordered pizza for that!


There's no eggs, bread or fresh fruit left!

Stop #1 The Orchard
$94 OUCH!!!!!!
3.5 bushels of pears
1/2 bushel of apples

Stop #2 the Health Store
3 loaves of bread (I'm freezing one for next weekend so I don't have to stop, but we're almost out of rice milk so I'll probably have to stop anyways)
2 dozen eggs
1 bag corn chips

Stop #3 Costco (should just stop typing now because we all know what happens to your money in that store)
Nitrate free hot dogs (for the days when we get home and find out that daddy ate our lunch;)
#10 of organic carrots
organic lemon juice (might as well we're on a money spending roll now)
organic salt free seasoning- a must have at $8

Okay So I decided to run to Meijers too Stop#4
1 bag of organic potatoes
10 Delmonte cans of fruit
2 frozen meal -Free with coupon

$176.09 in one day!!! Oh deary!

$168.55 over the hoped $300. $15.61 per day instead of $10. I can live with that number.

I hope to end up with 80 plus jars of pears when this is all said and done plus canned tomatoes. So that is a huge bit of it. Lately it seems that there is always something to stock up on.
May- 50 lbs of asparagus
June- strawberries enough to make 33 pints of jam
August- peaches and blueberries
and now pears.
Then there will be apples and the 1/4 of a cow we ordered.
Always something. I think we are good for the next 8 days besides a bag of corn chips and possibly rice milk. So I think that is the end of the food budget posts or at least I hope.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

No real shopping yet.

I spent $1 on a bag of second onions at a road side stand, it's a lot of onions for a buck let me tell ya. I also bought 1 1/2 bushels of organic tomatoes to can, they are ripening in the garage. They were $30. So we're down to $7.54 with 10 days left.

I am quite impressed that for having "nothing" in the house we are eating quite well. We have two new recipes to add to our menu. We picked our watermelons from our garden today so that is the fruit of the day, we'll see what tomorrow brings. I hope to hold off until Saturday for a trip to Meijers and the health store.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Fruit! I adore fruit. It's so yummy, sweet, juicy and healthy. We really put no limits on the fruit consumption. We limit sugar consumption but not fruit. I may have to start.

I remember getting reprimanded for eat too much fruit when I was a kid. Fruit was rationed to last the week. I really, really don't want to too but seriously we go through a lot of fruit.

We are almost out of fresh fruit everything but the bananas are gone:-( We went through half a bushel of apples plus the left over grapes and tangerines and the fruit the neighbors gifted us in less than 10 days. OUCH! Yes we still have frozen, bananas, peaches, blueberries and grapes for smoothies. We also have 80 plus jars of canned peaches but one jars gives us all a small serving. Well you know what that means I need to go shopping, again!

I need to grow an orchard!

Monday, September 21, 2009

a good read

Here is a blog post on the price of eating real food.

Lessons Learned from our 15 day so far.

Lesson #1: I go to the store way too much! A little stop here and there really, really adds up.

Lesson #2: Little things make the simple seem well less simple. Ex. OJ added to breakfast, homemade lemonade with popcorn, Popsicles out in the sunshine. Life is a little dull with out the extras. (We're out of all three.)

Lesson #3: We eat a lot of meat! Seeings how everyone but myself was allergic to dairy, soy and eggs for so long we became some serious carnivores. Meat is expensive!

Lesson #4: I am lazy in the kitchen. Yes I spend probably twice as much time as "most" women today in the kitchen I'm still lazy. It is much, much easier to buy bread than make it yourself. You ALWAYS have to have a plan if cooking from real food ingredients.

Lesson #5: I'm a food snob, but I already knew that. I believe it's my job to nourish my family with real food, not just fill their pie holes as my hubby so affectionately calls them.

Lesson #6: Six people go through much more food than I really comprehended. We could maybe go 1 month with what we having in the house before feeling seriously deprived. So I need to work on my emergency stockpile.

Lesson #7: My desire to donate more food to the food pantry has increased. Also with more variety than the usual free cereal or .25 packages of hot dogs. Lord willing it never happens but if I needed assistants to feed my family I would hope and pray for REAL food.

Lesson #8: We need a few more "cheap eats" on our menu to supplement the feasts the family is accustom too. More soups and less meat and potato meals.

Lesson #9: The LORD has blessed us beyond measure. This should really be number one!

So I will blow through $300 without much trouble. I will go over budget in the name of feeding my family real food as long as we can afford it. Racky will be pulled from karate, the already rare date night will vanish and we will dress in rags before my family is made to eat little Debbie and the rest of her friends. I'm not saying we eat perfectly, far from it but it is a process and we will keep learning and trying to improve our food within our budget.


"Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food." Hippocrates, 460 BC

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 13

Still more shopping! You aren't surprised are you?

3 bunches of bananas
1 roll mentos
1 Mr Bubble bubble bath
4 boxes of noodles (I had enough coupons to get 26 boxes but I read the ingredients and had to pass- 4 is still too many!)
2 cans of Quaker oats

-4.13 we did return a bag of bottles so that helped

Health Store
2 loaves of YUMMY bread
5 lbs of organic baking flour


Down to $38.54. 17 days left there isn't a chance. Oh well we're learning a lot.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Days 11 and 12

Day 11
No money spent!!! I made batch of cinnamon rolls which I rationed through out the day , lest they eat them all in one sitting.

Day 12
$1.10 spent, not to bad. I bought:
12 ears of corn
1 muskmelon
1 quart bag of small tomatoes

I ALWAYS go to the health store on Fridays and pick up fresh delivered, local, organic bread!!! Yummy! Today I resisted and TRIED to bake a loaf, it's not good but we won't starve:-)

For cheap entertainment we went to the zoo this morning and feed the ducks on the way to an appointment. Then this afternoon we walked to the lake and the kids played in the sand and splashed in the water. Zero money spent for a lot of fun.

$57.64 left.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Days 9 and 10

Day 9- no spending! Yippee! We were the recipients of this lovely fruit from our neighbors, which was quite a bit bigger before I go the picture. There used to be about 6 plums and 3 or 4 peaches too. Day 10- A trip to Target .47!!!!!!!!!!!!! For everything!!!
Then on to the "meat" store as we call it. It sells local meat and dairy products. I usually go once a month after I write out the monthly menu.
Well they had a special that for every $10 you spend you get 2 yogurts for .01 each. So 16 yogurts later we're .16 poorer, not to bad.

Here is our meat stash. My originally purchase was 60.06, which is all I'm counting:-). When I got to the check out she told me the ground beef was on sale for $2.97 a pound. This is 25% off, you have to buy 10 pounds to get the discount so $29.70 later was have lots of beef. We only eat beef 2 maybe 3 times month so this will last a while probably to December, especially because I have some in the freezer still.
So sadly only $58.74 left

Monday, September 14, 2009

Days 7 and 8

Target trip#1 $6.99 (it's salsa season so chips are a necessity at this time.)

2 bags corn chips
1 pack of garbage bags

Target trip #2 $6.06 (the first trip didn't have kind of cereal I needed to match my coupons so thus the second trip.)

10 boxes of cereal
1 package of fruit snacks (only the "far away" Target carries these so they are quite the treat.)
Down to $119.24 with 22 days to go, that's not good.
I did prep and put away a bunch of summer squash for meatloaf this winter. The yellow squash was gifted to us and the green one came out of our garden. 8 quart sized bags--FREE!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 6

I must be stopped!!!!! I was planning on spend no money today but my mother asked me stop by the orchard for her. So while we were over that way we stopped and the discount food store. Didn't find anything good but did spend .25 on some fake cheese stuff for the hubby. Then on to the orchard, my moms apples don't come out till next week but I did buy 1/2 bushel of Paula Reds seconds- $5. Must stop! Must stop!! Must stop shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Down to $132.29

Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 5

Seriously I can not be trusted with money, it slips through my fingers like water! We're down another $14.75 on not very much. I need to learn to make a good loaf of bread it would help our budget greatly.
Only $137.54 left

Here she is!!!!

Profile. This is her face with her hand by her mouth.
Profile, only one before she decide to roll over and go to sleep.

It was awesome to see, especially if you consider that she is only about 7 inches long and just over 1/2 a pound. As far as they can tell all looks good.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 4

More shopping and it's only day four! Oh well this is just to stretch us right! All bets are off with the hubby if there aren't any chips on the house and I must have fresh fruit, so a quick run to Meijers was in order. And yes when you find out the gender of your next child you just need to go shopping.
2 cloth napkins
1 pair pants
2 shirts
3 Honey bunches of Oats - Free after coupon
2 bags potato chips
frozen peas
organic lettuce
organic potatoes
#5 organic grapes
#5 Clementines
Only $152.29
That's not good, oh well.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 3

ZERO money spend- YIPPEE!!!!

We made snicker doodle cookies, one loaf cinnamon bread and one regular loaf to fill in the gaping hole that the kids call their stomachs.

Tomorrow looks promising too for the no money spending thing!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 2

10 ears of organic corn .50 (5 cents each can you believe that!)
2.5 pounds organic tomatoes 1.00

So down another $1.50

I did have the co-op delivery today but if I subtracted all that there wouldn't be any money left:-) So how about I take off $80, we have a delivery every other month so $80 sounds fair.

So $173.66 left. I must stop shopping!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 1

A trip to Target:
Toilet paper $12.98
3 Bags Corn Chips $7.50

Total: $21.26 Kohl's ( I bought a bunch of $5 off $5 purchases off ebay last week)
5 transactions
2 cloth napkins
play dough
2 swim suit for the boys
play jewelry
Hubby a shirt
Lula a shirt

Total $3.58

Plus some supplements the in-laws picked up for us.


So a grand total of $44.84

$255.16 left- this could be interesting!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

30 Days 300 Bucks!

I thought I'd join the other bloggers doing Owlhaven's $75 a Week Grocery Challenge.

I know it's doable but I'll have to be much more creative than I am now and spend MUCH more time in the kitchen. I think I'm up for the challenge. I know some people would feel like they won the lotto if they had $75 a week to spend, but I'm spoiled and so are my kids so we'll see. Hopefully the hubby doesn't mind either:-) We do have quite a good stockpile to eat off of so that will help.

Any one else up to the challenge? I'll be starting tomorrow, we're almost out of toilet paper so I'll be going shopping right away!