Monday, September 21, 2009

Lessons Learned from our 15 day so far.

Lesson #1: I go to the store way too much! A little stop here and there really, really adds up.

Lesson #2: Little things make the simple seem well less simple. Ex. OJ added to breakfast, homemade lemonade with popcorn, Popsicles out in the sunshine. Life is a little dull with out the extras. (We're out of all three.)

Lesson #3: We eat a lot of meat! Seeings how everyone but myself was allergic to dairy, soy and eggs for so long we became some serious carnivores. Meat is expensive!

Lesson #4: I am lazy in the kitchen. Yes I spend probably twice as much time as "most" women today in the kitchen I'm still lazy. It is much, much easier to buy bread than make it yourself. You ALWAYS have to have a plan if cooking from real food ingredients.

Lesson #5: I'm a food snob, but I already knew that. I believe it's my job to nourish my family with real food, not just fill their pie holes as my hubby so affectionately calls them.

Lesson #6: Six people go through much more food than I really comprehended. We could maybe go 1 month with what we having in the house before feeling seriously deprived. So I need to work on my emergency stockpile.

Lesson #7: My desire to donate more food to the food pantry has increased. Also with more variety than the usual free cereal or .25 packages of hot dogs. Lord willing it never happens but if I needed assistants to feed my family I would hope and pray for REAL food.

Lesson #8: We need a few more "cheap eats" on our menu to supplement the feasts the family is accustom too. More soups and less meat and potato meals.

Lesson #9: The LORD has blessed us beyond measure. This should really be number one!

So I will blow through $300 without much trouble. I will go over budget in the name of feeding my family real food as long as we can afford it. Racky will be pulled from karate, the already rare date night will vanish and we will dress in rags before my family is made to eat little Debbie and the rest of her friends. I'm not saying we eat perfectly, far from it but it is a process and we will keep learning and trying to improve our food within our budget.


"Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food." Hippocrates, 460 BC

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Sharon said...

At least you tried the challenge and I think you did great! I am always in awe of the amount of food and different fun things you come up with to make.

p.s., you are probably the most un-lazy person I know!!