Saturday, September 26, 2009

The post where she blows the budget right out of the water!!!! *Edited*

Okay all was going okay, I knew I would go over but wow I blew it!

Friday I stopped at Big lots. I spent just under $5 on:

2 cans of organic tomatoes (I needed sauce for pizza)
1 box of Kleenex for a sick baby
1 can of organic soup for hubby's emergency supply a work

Then the hubby calls on his way home to find out what's for dinner. WHAT there's no olives for the pizza, he has to stop at the store and get some. $13 bucks later we have ham, green olives and black olives and peperoni's. I will give it to him that the pizza was yummy but we could have ordered pizza for that!


There's no eggs, bread or fresh fruit left!

Stop #1 The Orchard
$94 OUCH!!!!!!
3.5 bushels of pears
1/2 bushel of apples

Stop #2 the Health Store
3 loaves of bread (I'm freezing one for next weekend so I don't have to stop, but we're almost out of rice milk so I'll probably have to stop anyways)
2 dozen eggs
1 bag corn chips

Stop #3 Costco (should just stop typing now because we all know what happens to your money in that store)
Nitrate free hot dogs (for the days when we get home and find out that daddy ate our lunch;)
#10 of organic carrots
organic lemon juice (might as well we're on a money spending roll now)
organic salt free seasoning- a must have at $8

Okay So I decided to run to Meijers too Stop#4
1 bag of organic potatoes
10 Delmonte cans of fruit
2 frozen meal -Free with coupon

$176.09 in one day!!! Oh deary!

$168.55 over the hoped $300. $15.61 per day instead of $10. I can live with that number.

I hope to end up with 80 plus jars of pears when this is all said and done plus canned tomatoes. So that is a huge bit of it. Lately it seems that there is always something to stock up on.
May- 50 lbs of asparagus
June- strawberries enough to make 33 pints of jam
August- peaches and blueberries
and now pears.
Then there will be apples and the 1/4 of a cow we ordered.
Always something. I think we are good for the next 8 days besides a bag of corn chips and possibly rice milk. So I think that is the end of the food budget posts or at least I hope.


Owlhaven said...

That will be great to have all that fruit canned!! It will save you in the long run!


Jenna said...

Sounds like you did an excellent job! Those pears will be well worth it the rest of the winter.

Carrie said...

I think you did a fabulous job...and considering the fruit will last much longer than this month, I think you can factor some of that money spent...I think this challenge was more about thinking and planning than the actual amount we spend...
Great job~

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

I am impressed that you got so much for so little!!