Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Fruit! I adore fruit. It's so yummy, sweet, juicy and healthy. We really put no limits on the fruit consumption. We limit sugar consumption but not fruit. I may have to start.

I remember getting reprimanded for eat too much fruit when I was a kid. Fruit was rationed to last the week. I really, really don't want to too but seriously we go through a lot of fruit.

We are almost out of fresh fruit everything but the bananas are gone:-( We went through half a bushel of apples plus the left over grapes and tangerines and the fruit the neighbors gifted us in less than 10 days. OUCH! Yes we still have frozen, bananas, peaches, blueberries and grapes for smoothies. We also have 80 plus jars of canned peaches but one jars gives us all a small serving. Well you know what that means I need to go shopping, again!

I need to grow an orchard!

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Sharon said...

I'm all for growing an orchard! What ever happened with your 3 trees that you put in? I think you said you had cherries, apple, and a mystery tree??