Wednesday, April 28, 2010

6 Reasons why I'm a Foodie

One and two, (seriously how cute is she) three, four and five,


I *heart* Costco!

Popsicles! They only had a few bags left so I went a little crazy and bought three bags. Little tip cut these in half and make the kids share that way you can be the cool mom who gives out multiple treats per day.

Our junk food. Corn chips and guacamole are any easy lunch and my kids are chip addicts, they get that from their father. French bread sliced then buttered, there I go with the butter again, topped with pizza toppings and baked until slightly crisp- DELICIOUS!!!! Fruit, yes avocados are fruit.

Nitrate free hot dogs.

Lemon juice for spiking my water and making the occasional batch of lemonade.

VEG! Said just like Jamie Oliver!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

She Eats!

I was listening to The John Tesh Radio Show last night and he was talking about the popularity of food blogs. He said people love to read food blog because food is so personal and food says love.

So let's get personal:)

Breakfast was 1 banana, 2 eggs scrambled with 2 mushrooms, 1 heaping T salsa, and 1 slice ham. Under 300 calories it was a little light for breakfast but it was a crazy morning and breakfast was very late. It also was eaten cold after a exploding diaper and a bowl of granola and milk that hit the floor.
Two hours later lunch time!! 1 leftover chicken thigh, 2 large cups of mixed veggies with garlic salt, and 1 apple cut thin to allow for more "chew".
About 3 hours later this momma and this sweet pea were starving. Snack time!

2 slices ham, a handful of crackers, cut up veggies, and balsamic vinegar with a dash of agave syrup for dipping. Shared with one very cute little girl. She kept dipping her veggies and telling me she didn't like the balsamic vinegar but she kept right on dipping. I also had two bowls of popcorn with the rest of the kids. Air popped and smothered in butter. BUTTER IS YOUR FRIEND! or at least one of my friends:)

Dinner sorry no pictures- I have 5 children and dinner time is crazy enough with out trying to take pictures of it. We had grilled salmon, sweet potatoes with lots of butter, asparagus and again with the butter, and cut up fresh veggies.
Next dessert. The infamous hubby stopped at the health store and bought this...
About half a cup serving with lots of chocolate sauce and a small piece of dark chocolate. Eaten with a baby spoon because no regular spoons were left and small bites make it last longer.
I also had 3 water bottles full (24 oz. each) two of which were spiked with lemon juice from Costco, lemonade water as Lettie says. I'm off to drink one more before I hit the hay.
What I didn't eat today because I would of had to tell you- a handful of potato chips:-)

Friday, April 23, 2010


Have you heard of it? NuVal is Meijer's way of informing customers of the nutritional value of the foods they sell.

Example fresh blueberries score a perfect 100!! Yeah for the blueberry! Now poor mac and cheese, yes the thing I just bought 50 boxes of to donate, rates a 3!!! A 3 people!!!!!!!!! Is that even worth the calories to ingest some thing like that? The Meijer brand potato chips scored higher than that, okay they only scored a 4 but really.

I'm not sure if I agree with there scoring, they shun fats and "cholesterol". I on the other hand shovel good fats down my kids throat! (We go through about 2 pounds of butter a week.) I personally eat enough eggs to be made of pure cholesterol, yet my cholesterol levels are prefect, pass the bacon please and nicks low fat yogurt! But if you are uneducated in the real food world keep a look out for the NuVal tags.
What are you eating?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A tug at the heart strings!

This is what my sweet son wrote after a few hours of working with daddy! The hubby found it in his truck and emailed it to me, that's my kind of email. I love it!
He told me he had fun with dad but its nice to know he missed home.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Racky's Birthday!

Racky's NINTH birthday a few months late. Pie made by yours truly, half apple and half blueberry and coconut milk ice cream sandwiches.
A camera from grandma and grandpa and mom and dad.
Squirt guns, webkins and blokus.
A melissa and doug magic set.
The kid made out like a bandit!!! Love you baby boy!!!

Rain! Rain!

So this morning there was very very little standing water in our yard. A few short hours of rain and we know have lakeside property. So after building popsicle stick rafts its time to test them out.