Monday, May 31, 2010

Oh the things they say...

Huddy can bursting in the house this morning after checking on their pet toads: "hey guys the big toad is giving the little toad a piggy back ride!"

I had to turn my head and laugh! The birds and the bees speech may have to come sooner than I would like.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

to TV or to not TV

So tomorrow marks the our 4 weeks of no TV. Now while it hasn't been 100% TV free its been pretty close.

It was wonderful. Ok the last while has been wonderful. The first week and a half I was near tears. They were lost, they had no idea what to do. They told me a million time they were bored, they picked on each other, they moped.

After a week and a half they accepted it is the way things are now. They would talk and leisurely eat lunch because there was no "toons" awaiting them. They played without me giving them ideas on what to do. At 3 and a half weeks it was the "magical" days of catching toads, building forts and working together. Racky will read a book now unprompted by me!!!!!!

They learned how to play Monopoly and Skip-BO. They heard lots of fairy tales from Grimm's Complete Book of Fairy Tales by both the hubby and myself. But mostly they learned how to play!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't drag them all over town so they wouldn't be bored, I wanted them to be bored. They needed to learn how to play. I kept them home with few occasions to socialize, not a lot of neighbor kid visits, so they could learn how to play. At times I thought poking myself in the eye with a fork would be more fun but they needed to really learn how to PLAY. I am thrilled with the results.

They watched Richie Rich yesterday while I ran to the store and the hubby napped and I think Racky could repeat the whole show to us. This just reinforced the point to us that the TV makes too big of an impression on them. My kids were falling into the statistics (hanging head in shame.). It was easy to justify. I'm home with them all day, I need a break. Or I know what they are watching it's okay. Or they're bonding with daddy. Well their childhood was being lost to the TV.

We haven't come up with hard and fast TV viewing rules for the future but with the grace of God we will hold fast and spend their childhood time more wisely. Now if I can just get rid of those worthless Webkins!

Thanks to the hubby for helping me stick to it. I know there were plenty of day when he came home from work and wanted to just veg and turn the TV on. Thanks baby we love ya!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010

So true!

I just read this and it is so true!

The other day I bought french bread and chocolate and I ate too much of it, (we had been out of both for a while.) An hour or so later I was trying to cram veggies in my mouth to make me feel better. I felt awful! I kept telling myself it will be over soon but I was wondering how we used to live on that stuff. Nice to know I'm not alone.