Thursday, September 24, 2009

No real shopping yet.

I spent $1 on a bag of second onions at a road side stand, it's a lot of onions for a buck let me tell ya. I also bought 1 1/2 bushels of organic tomatoes to can, they are ripening in the garage. They were $30. So we're down to $7.54 with 10 days left.

I am quite impressed that for having "nothing" in the house we are eating quite well. We have two new recipes to add to our menu. We picked our watermelons from our garden today so that is the fruit of the day, we'll see what tomorrow brings. I hope to hold off until Saturday for a trip to Meijers and the health store.

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Sharon said...

Thanks for some of those onions!! I hope you were able to eat some of those tomatoes and the kids didn't pick too many icky ones. :) I'll let you know once I have more than are ripe!