Thursday, March 15, 2007


I just spend two hours in the basement sorting and purging toys and the "everything" closet. I love to get rid of stuff, but sometime it makes me feel guilty about the amount of waste that there is. I suppose back in the day the kids maybe had "a" doll not 24 stuffed animals. I was viscous today, and the kids are not allowed down there until I get the stuff out of our life. Lula is the worst there will be tears and the whole nine yards if she sees what I've gotten rid of. She is good at offering up her brothers things for the Goodwill pile but not her own. The girl is the biggest pack rat, clothes toys it doesn't matter. Do you let the kids see what you've gotten rid of or do you do it in secret? Do you keep anything for a while to see if they ask for it? Some of the stuff is new to us within the last 4 months but they just don't play with it. And some stuff I have been hanging on to, like the Mr. Potato Head because I can't believe they don't like it. Well today was the day to get rid of it. I'm still a sucker for dress up clothes but I did trim them down a bit. And I do solemnly swear not to purchase a ball or stuffed animal for a gift as long as I shall live. Okay maybe a slight exaggeration but those things must breed when our not looking. Stuffed animals are the worst, they get played with for a week, maybe, and collect dust the rest of their existence. Well next is their bedroom, didn't I just do their bedroom. Yes I do believe I did but we must make room for one more. So be gone with the stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sharon said...

I have been doing the exact same thing in our basement today and Ambry's room. We got rid of tons of books, toys and just general 'junk'. Made my garage sale pile even bigger!! Caleb loves it when toys are gone through and gotten rid of, unfortunately, they just end up in the garage for the sale. :)