Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Were Still Sick!

I thought we were on the mend but no such luck. Racky's fever came back and the other two are still in cling-on mode. I'm trying to remember that when I was little and sick all I wanted was my mom. Shoot the first time I got sick after I got married I wanted my mom to take care of me. Biggie and Lula aren't sleeping well and are keeping me up half the night. I feel I like at any minute that I could come down with the disease too, but mom's can't get sick right? I moved our Doc appointment up a week to today in hopes that a good adjustment will help rid our house of this illness. I also restocked the fridge with chicken veggie soup which according to the Doc helps to replace potassium and magnesium which when they are low they cause the aches of the flu. I crammed it full of veggies summer squash, mushrooms, carrots, onion, yellow pepper and a whole head of bok choy. Can't get much healthier can it?
Future Blog Posts:
I hope to get Racky's room done soon if I can get some stuff sold so we can buy him a bed and hope to blog the after product.
I also want to post about modesty, I would love some input on how to keep a four year old dressing modestly, swim suit season is almost here. I love the season but hate the battle of trying to dress like a GOD fearing woman and trying to raise one too.
Also I need to get moving and start my spring cleaning and nesting. Any ideas how to redo a bathroom on a budget with new flooring and paint. Who puts carpet in a bathroom? Gross.

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Sharon said...

Hopefully some of your stuff will sell and then you can get a couple of your projects done. At Lowe's they have those sticky tile things for pretty cheap. They also have them on clearance fairly often. We picked up a box for seven bucks, but it wasn't quite enough to do our bathroom. Now it is sitting downstairs until I figure out what to do with it. Also, for a bathroom, don't forget to use actual bathroom paint. Because of the steam, if you don't use the right kind of paint, it will run--like my bathroom. Ick! Hope you all start feeling better!