Saturday, March 17, 2007

The "Cheaps"

The other day my sweet hubby was questioning the 4 cans of mushrooms in the cupboard. Let's just say he has a strong dislike for mushrooms and I on the other hand can eat them plain out of the can. They make everything better in my opinion. I proceeded to tell him that I spend less than 2 dollars a month on mushroom, pocket change, right? This is what got to me, he said, "that's 24 bucks a year, that's quite a bit on mushrooms." You know he's right.
So how much other cheap stuff an I spending money on?
3.99 on a movie rental once a week amounts to $207.48 in a year.
3.00 a week on a specialty coffee, as a treat you know? 156.00 yearly
Buying each kid a book while garage saling to keep them happy 1.00 multiplied by 20 times 20.00.
Bottled water from the gas station 1.25 weekly = 81.25.
Hot fudge sundae on rare occasion when there are no kids with me 1.05 = 6.30 yearly
There are so many more but just those alone add up to 471.03 that's quite a bit, even if I cut it in half $235.51
I personally only fall victim too two of these totaling $26.30 yearly which I don't think is too bad. But I do view the 2 movies weekly that the hubby brings home when we have 8 shows tivo'd. I run to the grocery store to buy something I'm craving instead of using up the leftovers in the fridge. I grab the extra clothes from garage sales just because they are "so" cheap even though the kids drawers are bursting. I use the vacuum at the gas station instead of the free one at home. These aren't an easy thing to put a price on but I'm sure it's more than I care to think about. Any good financial book out there will tell you to write down every penny you spend for a month to see where it all goes. I did this for half a month and was amazed and depressed at the amount of money I was wasting. I know money isn't everything but I don't want to be slave to the lender for the rest of my life if I can help it and the LORD commands us to be good stewards of what he blesses us with. So I think I'll dust off the penny diary and have another go at it. When it's write down there's no denying the fact. Now if only I could get the hubby to do it too. Oh and as of right now I'll keeping the mushroom budget, delicious.

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Sharon said...

I think it is amazing that you have it tracked that well. I am still wondering where it all goes. Probably about that time for me as well, to break out the penny book. Especially with garage sales starting up. :)