Saturday, March 10, 2007


Lula and I went second hand store shopping this morning. I had a urge to blow some cash and get out of the house so off we went. Here is what we got for $17.74.
2 Capri pants for Lula
2 shirts for Lula
1 dress for Lula
1 lady bug belt
1 superman shirt for Racky
1 pair of shorts for Racky
3 kids books
1 pattern for a wrap skirt I hope to make for beach outings this summer
We also got out of the house for two hours. If I spend 1.5 hours at the mall you could bet I'd spend more than $17.74. The bulk of my shopping was at a new Goodwill in town, I could have spent more if I knew the accepted checks and debit/credit cards. Good thing I didn't know though 20 bucks was my limit. Garage sales have better prices but I like to have a few outfits before warm weather hits so I don't end up running to Target and buying new when all of a sudden a heat wave rolls in. And come on you can't buy Gymboree at Target for 1.99. I also don't know how much time for garage saling I'll have with the baby due in June and my brothers graduation open house/ going away party here the end of May. Well I have purchased myself some more laundry so I better scoot. Have a good weekend, it's BEAUTIFUL out.

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