Saturday, March 3, 2007

Long weekend!!

This weekend is dragging and it's not looking to improve any. The kids are still sick, they aren't worse but they aren't better either. The hubby is working until 9:30 tonight, yuck. I did make it to the store last night so at least we have food. It wasn't fun though the weather was nasty especially when your dragging a cart full of groceries through the snow. I did hit 3 of the 6 stores that I generally shop to supply us with our food and toiletries. The kids are watching more TV right now, I know it's terrible but after clinging to me for so long it's time for another movie. I did spoil them last night and bought them some new pj pants to lounge around in, gotta love the clearance racks. I probably shouldn't have after the hubby told about the money status or the lack of money status right now. Oh well life just keeps clipping along. Well I best get back to tending to the children.

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