Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Eating Well.

Well I haven't had to be rather creative with this challenge as our freezers are stocked but some imagination has made in a little more fun. 

Saturday lunch I stared in the fridge.  I could just feed them a sandwich but there wouldn't be enough bread for salmon melts on Sunday.  So what to feed the wolves that frequent my kitchen. 

Hot Dog "mummies"!  They went over fabulously with the kids. 

I had hot dog buns thawed from a get together we had this fall but the hubby was not impressed with me thinking about feeding them to the kids and honestly either was I.  In the trash they went. 

Racky is not a fan of plain hot dogs and how can you blame the kid- hot dogs are pretty low on the food chain.  So what is a mom to do. 

Well I made a half batch of biscuits and flattened in as thin as I could.  I then cut it into thin strips and wrapped it around the hot dogs.  I baked a touch longer than the biscuit recipe call for to ensure the hot dog was fully heated.  Served with a little ketchup.  Easy- peasy and they think I rock! 

Also I've made pancakes twice this month- I hate to make pancakes, all that flipping and they take for ever to fill the kids up.  But they are cheap and filling, after they eat 5 or 6, and they love them.  We top them with homemade powdered sugar, strawberry jam or maple syrup.  Bear and mickey mouse heads go over well too.  Same boring food but kid friendly. 

Tomorrow the plan is to make breakfast boats- half baked potatoes filled with breakfast sausage and maybe a veggie snuck in there.  Come on breakfast boats sound better to a kid than twice baked potatoes with sausage. 

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Martha A. said...

That is creative! Did you make eggs, sausage and potatoes to fill the boats?