Monday, January 2, 2012

Pantry Challenge Begins

So it's here, challenge time.  I really should have no problem staying under $500 as I mentioned earlier.  If I meet that goal I hope to buy some tattler reusable canning lids with the savings. 

Our "food room", (our walk in pantry in our basement), as we call it is stuffed.  Both freezers are packed and right now the fridge is full. 

Here is what we are hoping to eat this week.   

Monday: burgers

Tuesday:  breakfast sausage over baked potatoes and veggie

Wednesday:  ground turkey- veggie meatloaf and mashed potatoes

Thursday:  taco soup and guacamole and corn chips

Friday:    baked chicken and rice

Saturday:  chicken enchilada dip with chips or tortillas from leftover chicken

Sunday:  Lunch- Salmon melts on toast or tomato slices.  Dinner- chicken sausages and whatever is left in the fridge. 

A little shopping will happen this week.  The hubby is hoping to eliminate a few foods that can cause bloating, onions, garlic, etc.  He already knows that gluten and corn are no good for him but there still is something bothering his stomach. 

Also grapefruits are $4.99 for 18 lbs. this week and I want to can some of those.  Hopefully I can hold it together and not spend too much:-) 


FishMama said...

Great plan for the week. Thanks for joining the Challenge!

Martha A. said...

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