Monday, December 1, 2008

They didn't get the memo?!?!

Last week I heard yet another unwelcome guest in our home as I lay in bed, a mouse, I think. Well the hubby wouldn't get out of bed for a mouse so I had to wait until the next day and we set a trap.

The kids were aware of the situation and checked the trap about every 5 seconds. Lula had an idea, the mouse can't find the cheese on the trap. What they didn't get the "meet me at the mouse trap memo"!?!?

So she proceeds to cut out paper color it yellow and add "cheese holes" and made a trail of paper cheese to the trap so it would find the trap. Why didn't I think of that? :0) She is our creative one all right!

Well it still hasn't gotten the memo. They is no signs (aka mouse crap) of it being in the house, hubby thinks they are in the walls. Nice! Please oh please don't die in the walls and smell the whole house up!


Sarah said...

We had raccoons,their babies and squirrels that found their way in the eaves, attic and then into the wall. They were a pain the the butt to get rid off. I was glad to see them die!

At least it's not another bat! Hope you get him soon.

Tracy said...

Yuck and double yuck you know how much I love mice:) I hope you catch the little bugger I detest them. Hopefully it doesn't die in the wall. Maybe it will find lula's trail.:)

Sharon said...

Maybe it wasn't a mouse but was in fact, a giant lice!!! Eeeekkk!


Hope you catch your mouse soon. Otherwise, try to think of them as the friendly house guests who eat all your spiders...maybe...