Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lemonade anyone?

Lemonade is pouring out of our faucets, our shower heads, our toilets and every other opening that spouts H2O in out house! By lemonade I mean pee colored water that is not too appetizing to look at let alone drink! The neighbors water- crystal clear, agh.

The well man can't come until tomorrow and the only thing I keep envisioning is $$$ and pray that there is only one number before the comma on the check that we have to write out to get the flow of lemonade to STOP! Google can sometimes be a cursed thing- it can cost how much to have a new well put in?!?!? It just money right?

Well hopefully Mr. Well-fix-it-man comes in the early morning and puts me out of my misery- I'm terrible at waiting sometimes. And hopefully it is something easy to fix! Well I'm off to brush my teeth with lemonade before I hit the hay. Have a good night.


Sharon said...

Oh, Esther, I am so sorry! If you need somewhere to go for baths or cooking anything or just to get away from it all, feel free to come and visit us! I hope for your sake too, that it doesn't end up costing too much.

Tracy said...

Oh no that sounds disgusting I'll second Sharon if you need somewhere to do baths, wash laundry, cook, hang out whatever feel free to drop in I'll be home almost all day. I'm scouring my basement today..yuck!

Anonymous said...

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Sarah said...

How did this turn out? Hope it wasn't too much $$!