Thursday, April 3, 2008

Water update

You know when the old saying "you don't know what you have until it is gone" it very true.

It is mind boggling to me how much water we use and how often. We are finally able to wash with it, it reeks of bleach and faded some clothes, but its better than carting laundry all over town. I did bathe in it but now my skin is itchy and tight feeling and I smell like went swimming in a high chlorinated pool. So the children remain unbathed and the counter is full of jugs of water for cooking, drinking and rinsing things. They still don't know what is wrong but they are doing the least expensive trail and error tests first. So we wait. Do we all know yet that I don't like to wait!

So many things I take for granted.


Sharon said...

The offer still stands...if you need showers or anything don't hesitate to call! Or just come over. We are always here. :)

Hopefully you will know very soon what the problem is and you don't have to wonder/worry too much longer.

Sarah said...

You gotta love home repairs. We are having water issues, too, except our water is leaking through our roof.

Hopefully, your problem gets resolved soon.

Sarah said...

BTW, Your sp**king response cracked me up. I couldn't agree more. I know a certain 3 year old of mine that could really use a few more.