Friday, April 25, 2008

!!!Garage Sale Season!!!

I love this weather and this awesome weather (I'm ignoring the fact that it is supposed to snow next week) means garage sale season has begun. All the kids but Lula are set for the summer. Lula only needs a few things so it makes garage saling more fun when we aren't on a set mission to find one particular thing. Here a few of our deals.

One lamp to replace the ones the kids broke last week $1.75
6 sets of shutters for my bro's house $10 (only one set will need to be trimmed down 2" the rest are the right size!)
Winter coat for Lula for next year $2 and it's all pink
A bike for Lula $25 bucks not the cheapest but it's a Schwinn and in very good shape.
1 superman costume to replace the beloved superman hat that Racky misplaced $1
Lettie 2 outfits $3
Biggie 2 shorts .50

$33.25 total. Not to shabby I have to say. How about you bag any good deal yet?


Tracy said...

Ah Tis the season. Last Sat. when I was halfway into my run down Baldwin I spied a garage sale at a corner house. I just couldn't resist it looked like a good one. So I hauled my sweaty self and lo and behold found 6 new shirts for my older boys. Two of them still had tags on them and they were all name brand. WooHOO I thought I won the lottery I NEVER find clothes for them at garage sales. So in my extremely sweaty state I asked the lady if she would hold them for me until I came back and she said sure. She was probably just glad to get rid of the weird lady dripping lots of sweat all over her clothes:)

Tracy said...

Forgot to add they were only 1.00 a piece woohoo! Great price on shutters I was just telling someone the other day I'd like some for my house. Never thought I could find some at a garage sale..good find.

Sharon said...

I can not believe that you got those shutters for that price! Tina must have been so excited.

I LOVE garage sales!!! Unfortunately, I am currently not "allowed" to go since we currently do not "need" anything. Such a bummer. That isn't to say I don't go though. I just can't buy anything. :)