Thursday, March 20, 2008


I love me the Money Saving Mom! $7 and some change! It would of been less but one of the bags of chocolate rung up at 3.49 and not on sale, oh well it's still an awesome deal. (Two bags are missing, hubby took them to work this morning.) If you count that's 22 bags of free chocolate and they didn't hassle me at all. Plus 8 boxes of cereal-free. One Benadryl, glide floss, lip gloss, mouth wash, deodorant, hair clips of Lettie, one onion and two tomatoes. Gotta love cheap thrills!


Sharon said...

Yumm! Gotta love those free bags of chocolate! I can not believe that Isaac was able to print off that many coupons for you. You lucky girl! :)

I think that is so cute that he prints them off for you.

Tracy said...

Good haul is this from cvs or meijer? I can't buy that chocolate I've already eaten two dove chocolate bars....bad..I love dark chocolate.:) However chocolate cereal doesn't sound good at all to me have you tried it? is it good?

Esther said...

We won't eat the cereal the kids and hubby can't eat it so I made a batch of cereal bars with a bag of marshmallow a they are yummy. My bro is suppose to pick them up later. I gave half of the boxes away and will keep the other three for when I need a quick goodie for a gift of some sort.
I gave away some of the chocolate but I still have 15 bags. 5 pieces (which is a serving) a day is my limit:0) So hopefully it last me a while.

Maggie said...

Nice. What a great haul :)