Sunday, March 16, 2008


Two weeks ago we ventured Great Wolf Lodge with the kids, Grace our helping hand and with Uncle Caleb, Aunt Sharon, Ambry and Piper. All the kids LOVED it besides the baby who loved everything but sleeping in a strange place. I will definitally take the kids there again. Go on a non peak time and it is wonderful. Sharon even managed to score a room for $99 bucks because they weren't busy, we were not that lucky. Here pics of our trip-(thanks Aunt Sharon)!
Biggie swimming in the pool, even though he would rather be going on the 3 person slide over and over again!

Lula and Ambry pose for a picture!

Racky working on his crown, the free craft of the day, they have lots of others if you want to pay;)

The royal family!

Lettie and I sitting a watching the kids play!


Sharon said...

We had so much fun too! If we can, I would love to go back up there again next winter around the same time. Perfect for getting rid of "cabin fever". Thanks again for letting us tag along!

Sarah said...

Looks like fun!

Tracy said...

Cute pic's! Those water parks are fun maybe next winter we'll get to one.