Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It was Racky's 6th Birthday!!!

Racky turned 6 yesterday, I can't believe how time flies.
He made out like a bandit just like his sister did. We exceeded the price limit, well I should daddy exceeded the limit. When I told Isaac everything I had bought for his birthday he asked if I had gotten him anything to play with? So he took it upon himself and bought him one of those kiddie computers with the games all built in. It was quite the hit to say the least and now the kids can't stop fighting over it. He also got a sprinkler for summer, a movie, a clock that doesn't work even after we returned the first one, a spiderman glider plane that already broke, goggles and snorkel for the hot tub and a cowboy costume that I made for him. He picked raisin cake for his dessert and loved it. We went to a play place with his bubby, aka cousin during the day. We also took the day off of school and said howdy partner a lot. My mom took him to Build-A-Bear the day before and the day before that he got even more stuff. The most annoying is the parrot that repeats everything you say two times and has no volume control, thanks grandpa and grandma:) Well let just say that I'm glad Biggies birthday isn't until September. Happy birthday bubby, may the LORD grant you many, many more.


Sharon said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACKY!!! Looks like you all had a great birthday party. And got lots of cool stuff! That is always fun. :)

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Racky! I'm glad he had such a fun birthday. Thanx again for taking his cous. with him to the bouncy place he had a blast.