Monday, February 12, 2007

Weighing in!

I was the midwife today. All looks well except the scale was not very kind to me while I made my visit. 8 pounds in four weeks, yes like she pointed out, 2 pounds a week. I am only in the fifth month if it were the last month it would be no big deal, then it would just be water weight, right? She blamed it on the weather, so I will too. It's cold and when it's cold I cook and bake more and in return eat more. She is not at all concerned but I'm only 5 pounds from what I weighed at my last DELIVERY, scary. So I just polished off the last "healthy" no bake cookie out of the freezer so the house in treat free. Tomorrow I will start keeping in eye on what I shovel into my mouth. Maybe I'll even fill out food diaries at to keep track of my protein and calorie intake and such. I hate dieting even though it wouldn't be dieting but better food selection, aka dieting. I know I will feel better but it is so easy to get in a rut and just aimlessly eat. I worry and manage everybody else's diet in this house so I tend to do what ever is easiest for myself. Well I better go tend to the kids and mix up some protein shake replacements. Chow! (pun intended.)

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