Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Three's a charm!

Well Biggie's and my food allergy results are in. He too is allergy boy. The highest was beets at a 3+. Cabbage and peanuts at 2+. Apple, grape and grapefruit 1+. And 36 vl (very low) allergies. I am fine, three things showed up very low and that's it. Biggie's outside reactivity level is 294 mine is 26. Good is under 87. So it is safe to say that this can all be blamed on the sweet hubby and his powerful DNA. So for a month grapes, raisins, apples and apple products have to be removed from his diet. It will be hard because the other two will still have to have them while he eats something else but he doesn't understand why he can't have what they have. So the good time keep rolling over here. At least they all are kind of the same so they have each other.
Their valentines day gift was a Mylar balloon from the dollar store instead of food which they seemed to think was better than candy. I love the fact that it is a disposable gift, gone in three days;) Dinner will be the same tonight but I will use the china and crystal glasses to make it fun and special. They never knew of valentines day until this year, the babysitter told them I guess so they say. So I'm off to make fried chicken and carrots, bread and pears fun and special and full of love. Have a good day!

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Sharon said...

That is too bad about Huddie! What in the world are you going to do? I suppose it is a good thing that at least you aren't allergic to much of anything.

My cousin was on my mom's side. It was her brother's youngest child. We saw them when we visited there two years ago. I grew up with him also.