Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Saga Continues

Vacationing with kids is way too much work but we do it anyway. Memories, right? The first night the hubby drives back home because the air purifier we brought out quit working. If you know Racky an air purifier is a must. The second night I drive back home to pick up some medicine that I forgot because he is getting wheezy despite the air purifier and didn't want to have to drive home in the middle of the night. (I did take a shower when I was there-bliss sweet bliss- hot water.) Thank the Lord he slept through the night and was okay, not great but okay in the morning. So we venture to the fair and all is well. After a while Hubby, Racky and Lula go on the merry go round swing ride. Racky complains of a headache, hubby rubs his head, I give him some cherries and water, he pukes up cherries and water up in the middle of the fair grounds, yummy. He feels much better after the up chucking incident and goes on more rides, but nothing that spins. Now our van is full of cheap fair prizes that I'll have to sneak into the goodwill box over the next six months, thanks daddy. So tell me do you tell them you got rid of their stuff, play stupid when they ask were that beloved toy that they never ever played with went or change the subject as quickly as possible? Well I better log off and try to get some sleep even though there is a bar wedged between my shoulder blades on this cheap hide a bed. Well here's to making memories.


Tracy said...

Poor Racky I'm glad that he was feeling better so he could go on a few more rides at least. Those spiny turny rides will do that to ya. Gotta love those fair toys huh. Roman got one and I'm sure it will be at Goodwill soon but for now it's of course the treasured toy. I always just toss it in the bag when cleaning and then he forgets about it. Hopefully your week gets a little better for ya hang in there:)

Sharon said...

You sound like you're having a great time out there! Hopefully no other kids get sick. For the toys, I have her go through them and pick out which ones she wants to get rid of. I tell her it is either all of them or she gets to keep a certain amount and that has worked so far. No crying even, which is nice. Enjoy yourself the rest of the time you are out there. Just keep repeating "Memories" and maybe that will get you through. :)