Monday, August 20, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away!

We're braving the great outdoors, okay not really but we only had outside activities planned on our little "camping" vacation here. We're in a trailer with four kids and two adults and a typhoon decides to roll through last night and still hasn't really quit yet. It's loud on a metal roof let me tell you. I've been up since 5:45 when the kids started to climb in our not very comfy hide-a-bed because the typhoon also woke them. By 7:00 they are all up a are surfing the unfamiliar cable channels for some toons. Now I remember why we never camp in a tent anymore. Lula also know as "Pigpen" has gone through her 3 pair of pants that I brought for her in less than 24 hours and nothing is drying in this weather. Now I can say I'm glad that daddy packed the XBOX, one nice thing about being married to a electronic toy junky. I know its a rough life "camping" with Internet access, air purifiers cranking and cable but somebodies got do it. Anybody have a need for a tent because I think I have one for sale. This kind of camping is bad enough, maybe when the kids grow up will break out the tent again HA yeah right. It's not all bad though daddy took the boys on a late night golf cart ride in the rain after mom had them all tucked in bed. We also found the indoor pool so they got out some pent up energy. Racky getting pretty good at swimming but he has to really work because he can't float, lack of body fat. Well hopefully it quits raining so we can get out of this trailer. Hope you all have a good week!


Tracy said...

I hope it quits raining soon for you. It was pouring out this morning I wondered if you guys left yesterday or not. Try and stay dry!

Sarah said...

Things we do for our kids!!! Try to have a good time.

Sharon said...

What a total bummer about the rain! It is supposed to just have chances of shower so hopefully it will clear up and you'll be able to do something outside. Hope you're having fun despite the rain!