Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More Changes!!!!!!!!!

The hubby's allergy result's are in. The verdict- NOT GOOD! For at least three months he cannot have bananas, peanuts, soy, rice and here's the kicker GLUTEN! Peanuts is easy to avoid but kind of stinks because he's allergic to all other nuts too. Bananas no big deal. Soy was already being avoids. But rice and gluten are the worst. If you can't eat gluten you eat rice and vice versa, but no both showed up so corn and potatoes here we come. He's allergic to dairy also which we knew but when you look up gluten free recipes they all contain something else he's sensitive too like rice or dairy. Well Lord willing this helps him to feel better and I'll probably lose a pound or two. He hasn't been tested in since January 2006 so this was way over due seeings how allergies can change. If you have any great food ideas let me know especially thing for lunches and such. Dinner should be okay but portable food is going to be harder. Well I'm off to Google more gluten, rice, soy, peanut and banana free foods. (Note to self buy a bottle of wine, no make that two :0))


Sharon said...

You poor thing! I can not begin to imagine! Are his allergies worse than the kids or about the same? I am sorry that I don't have any good food ideas for you. All of mine either contain cheese or rice or cheese. Sorry! If I do find any good recipe sites, I will send them your way. :)

Tracy said...

Oh My I don't even know where to tell you to start. I can't imagine being allergic to that many things. Aunt Dar might have some good recipes as her hubby has some of the same allergies. As for weight after baby..yeah..mine still hasn't all come off but I've only had three he was my hardest for sure I've still got 10 pounds on me from him. I gave up trying to lose it. You lost yours from biggie so fast I bet in a few months you'll be back down to your slim self.

Sarah said...

Just what you need, more food restrictions. Let me know and I'll have a glass or bottle of wine with you :)