Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Back to normal!

Where oh where does the time go? Last week we took the whole week off of school, and boy it was nice. School only takes us about an hour and a half but if I don't wake up long before the kids it seems by the time school is done most of the productive part of the day is gone. So last week we declared a vacation week. All weekend and Monday I baked for the employee goodie bags. Tuesday we assembled goodie bag for the hubby employees, thanks Sharon and Tina, and then the next day I had to bake again for thanksgiving and clean the house. Thursday was Thanksgiving which was going to be here but two hours prior to dinner got changed to the in-laws. So we carted over the turkey, pies, apple crisp, stuffing, green bean casserole, corn, mashed potatoes and all the other little stuff. So to say the least by Friday I was worthless. I wore sweat pant and a ponytail ALL day (something I try not to do-anymore:)). The hubby was home all day Friday also so it was great.

So now it back in the swing of things.

Racky is starting a Lego class tonight. How cool does this sound?
Using LEGO Educational Division Materials and LEGO® Technic elements, this class is appropriate for children ages 5, 6, and 7-years-old. Children will learn by doing. Course covers gears, levers, wheels, axles, structures, forces, and simple machines. This is an integrated science and math class and is the first class lead­ing up to the Robotics Academy, where children will build robots and program them with a computer!

The three older kids are in swimming lessons which is great. Racky was in swimming lessons once but they were a waste of money, and trust me I am a huge advocate of swimming lessons, he sat on the step and kicked and blew bubbles. This time they are in the water the WHOLE time and the kids to teacher ratio is much higher, I think Lula's class is three teachers and six kids.

Well after about 1 more hour of "leaves" they should be done and life will be "normal" again. Yeah right! Have a wonderful day!


Tracy said...

Normal what's normal?:) Seems like some weeks are such chaos and nothing gets done. I was home all day yesterday and got lots of baking done but not much cleaning before I knew it I was heading off to bed. Oh I did do an hour of leaves from my yard to but anyway time flies. At least we get school done everyday:)

Sarah said...

Where are they taking the lego class? My Caleb would love that.

My wardrobe is always sweatpants and ponytail when we are at home. Poor Mark!

Gotta love autumn's leaves.

Esther said...

Hey Sarah,
Racky is taking the Lego class at our local public school. Only a mile and half from our house and he LOVES it. Look up your school districts Community ed they might have one. The teacher was at another school before Racky's class.

Esther said...

Hey Sarah,
I forgot to say that the class is not closed to non residents if you wanted to drive him out here for it.