Friday, November 2, 2007

Turkey Day!

I thought I might finish the rotation diet series I started here and here.
The next day in our rotation is turkey day. Turkey is the crazy food in our little world. If it isn't "clean" it can and usually does cause nightly bladder spasms in Racky, aka bed wetting. (By clean I mean with out additives and free range not necessarily organic.) He can't tolerate turkey deli meat either must be the solutions that they pump into it. So that leaves cooking the whole bird or ground turkey. So ground turkey it is. I do occasionally buy a "clean" turkey and cook it and freeze in meal size portions for lunches and weekends when I try to be a lazy as possible in the kitchen. So on turkey day the kids get:
rice cakes
apple butter
apple sauce
apple juice or cider
olives, black or green
rice noodles
spaghetti sauce
rice crackers with dip (apple butter)
All or some combination of the above.
I shop the "meat" store once a month that sells local "clean" meat and I try to cook all the turkey on the first turkey day of the month. It comes in frozen one pound chubs so I just drop them in the crock pot and add some water cook until done. They hold their shape so I lift one chub out at a time into a frying pan and brown it a little and crumble it. I then freeze it in one pound or small servings. So every time its turkey day after that (about 6 or 7 times a month) I just pull out some already cooked ground turkey. We all have spaghetti or the hubby and I have taco's. On spaghetti day we have three different kinds of noodles going, rice, wheat and corn. When we have tacos the kid have plain turkey over brown rice with broccoli and applesauce. Easy enough!

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