Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Beef / Venison Day!

My least favorite of all the days is beef/ venison day. It used to be just beef day until Racky became very sensitive to it. It's been over 6 months since he has had beef. Good thing I have brothers who hunt. We eat fish on this night if it falls during the work week.

Breakfast: Either puffies of fruit juice sweetened corn flakes with rice milk.

Snacks: Corn chips with guacamole, plain popcorn, corn flakes, peaches, blueberry and papaya.

Lunch: Corn chips and guacamole, corn flakes, cooked venison from freezer, peaches, blueberries, venison and ketchup.

Dinner: Sweet potatoes, corn, venison steaks or salmon, venison burgers on rice bread, then we have beef burgers, pickles and ketchup. Fruit again.

We freezer blueberries for the winter and again I can a lot of peaches, at least they're easier than pears.

Dinner tonight is venison steaks and corn, rice bread and fruit. Hubby has golf so I'll scrounge something up for myself.

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